Verdict: Parvathy excels with a brilliant performance.

Uyare, directed by Manu Ashokan, is a drama film starring Parvathy, Asif Ali, Tovino Thomas, Siddique, and Anarkali Marikar in crucial roles. The film is produced by Shenuga, Shegna and Sherga under the banner Grihalakshmi Productions along with SCube Films. Gopi Sundar composes music and score while Mukesh Muraleedharan helms the cinematography and Mahesh Narayan handles the editing. Uyare is about Pallavi, a pilot aspirant who is the victim of an acid attack but manages to face life as it comes.

What’s Uyare About:

Pallavi Raveendran (Parvathy) is working towards fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a pilot and is supported through thick and thin by her father (Siddique). However, her insecure boyfriend Govind (Asif Ali) is not quite happy with her ways and tries to control her life, which Pallavi, without any questions asked, allows him to. She gets selected as a pilot trainee in an institute in Mumbai, which leaves Govind even more insecure. While Pallavi manages to do her best in her studies as well as the relationship, the latter gets sore leading to a very tragic incident – she gets attacked with acid, tearing her life apart. Heartbroken yet strong, Pallavi decides to approach life fiercely and boldly face the world. Enter Vishal (Tovino Thomas) of Cloud Nine Airlines who makes a stupid decision that changes Pallavi’s life all over again.

What Works:

Firstly, kudos to the director for pulling off an undiscussed topic quite well. Parvathy is fierce and has done an excellent job. This would indeed be her best and you would love to watch her as Pallavi on screen. With this film, she has set a benchmark for herself and other female actors in Malayalam cinema without a doubt. Asif Ali is good and makes you hate him with his subtle expressions, while Siddique touches your heart with his fatherly role. Anarkali reminds you of that best friend who has stood with you through all ups and downs and Tovino Thomas sweeps you over with his wit and charm. The background score and cinematography are the highlights of the film. The songs are decent too and the title track would ring in your head for some time. The prosthetic makeup looks nothing but real and consistent. The film has effectively discussed the life of an acid attack survivor without going overboard. Uyare could easily make us look at the victims differently and accept them with all our heart.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Uyare is so good and touching, you fail to notice the flaws if any. The film flows consistently and does not lag at any point.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Uyare for Parvathy and her amazingly beautiful acting. Watch it for the lives shown and understand how well you could relate to them. Watch it for the power it gives you to fight your own battles. Finally, watch Uyare for some brilliant performances on screen.