Valiyaperunnal: Film Review – Of Love And War

Verdict: Valiyaperunnal is an interesting entertainer enriched with good performances.

Directed by debutant Dimal Dennis who has also scripted the film along with Thasreeq Abdul Salam, Valiyaperunnal narrates the story of the harbor town of Kochi and the lives of the notorious gangs residing there. The film features Shane Nigam in the lead with newcomer Himika Bose, Joju George, James Eliya, Sudheer Karamana, Atul Kulkarni, Captain Raju and many others in pivotal roles. Popular actors Soubin Shahir and Vinayakan have made cameo appearances as well. Valiyaperunnal is produced by Monisha Rajeev under the banner ‘Magic Mountain Cinemas’ and also features talented artists behind the screen including Rex Vijayan who handles the music and Suresh Rajan behind the camera.

What’s Valiyaperunnal About:

During a trip, cab driver Sivakumar (Joju George) and his passengers who carrying gold get attacked and robbed by some men. While the police is in search of the culprits, we are introduced to Akkar (Shane Nigam), his girlfriend Pooja (Himika Bose) and their gang of friends. They are a part of the notorious gang of Mattancherry. Akkar is a dancer but also gets involved in petty crimes with his friends. One day, the police arrests a gang that has allegedly taken the gold. The movie goes on to explore how Akkar’s life changes after this incident as the different subplots around Mattancherry meet at one common point.

What Works:

Valiyaperunnal may not have a huge star cast to boast of but all the actors are amazing. The new faces are very natural and have done a fantastic job. Shane Nigam shines in his portrayal of Akkar. As obvious as it is, he is the backbone of the film. James Eliya surprises in a meaty and negative role. Himika Bose complements Shane well. The major highlight of the movie is its music and background score, all thanks to Rex Vijayan. Chemmanam and Thazhvarangal are sure going to linger in your head for quite some time. Another interesting aspect of Valiyaperunnal is its script. There are a few subplots in the first half that merge with the main plot in the end and that take is quite refreshing. Suresh Rajan has captured the beauty of Kochi in the best possible way. Soubin Shahir and Vinayakan have entertaining cameos. Late actor Captain Raju‘s presence brings back fond memories of him. The dance sequences are well choreographed as well as the action scenes. Overall, Valiyaperunnal is a treat to watch.

What Could’ve Been Better:

With so many subplots, there is less clarity and lots of confusion in the first half. However, the second half brings everything together and it all starts to make sense. The second half is quite interesting but loses tempo towards the end. The duration of the film is over three hours that can be tedious, especially due to the lagging in the first half. Himika Bose doesn’t have the chance to create much of an impression. There are shades of Angamaly Diaries in the overall making of Valiyaperunnal, which may not have been intentional yet could also have been avoided.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Valiyaperunnal for an interesting take on notorious gangs and their lives. Its plot and performances will not disappoint.

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