This Eid is, indeed, special for the movie-lovers in India. On one hand, Salman Khan gives eidi to the North Indian audience with his blockbuster release, Kick. While on the other, we have Dulquer Salmaan‘s eidi to the South Indian movie-lovers with Vikramadithyan.

It is a coming-of-age, youth-centric film. The movie is the tale of two friends – Vikram (Unni Mukundan) and Adithyan (Dulquer Salmaan). Hence the title, Vikramadithyan. And the third pillar of the plot is Deepika (Namitha Pramod), the common link between them. The movie revolves around friendship, love and the sweet competition between the two protagonists. Born on the same day, there is an undying motive in their lives – they strive to achieve their life’s goals. Throughout the course of the film, Vikram and Adithyan are seen competing with each other. But the hidden theme is, either of them is incomplete without the other. One more word, your eidi might be spoiled. So watch for yourself to know what unfolds in the 143-minute long saga.

The theme of this sweet and simple drama is something most of us can easily relate to. The narration is like a perfectly-woven fabric, intertwining the flashbacks with the present day scenario. Though the movie had a slow start, the film quickly picked pace. The first-half was just above average,but the movie post-interval was equally entertaining and engrossing. Once again Lal Jose has proven his mettle as a brilliant director.

The character of Adithyan couldn’t have got better had it not been for Dulquer Salmaan. He is like today’s youth, enjoying life to the fullest but still being at par in every situation life throws at them. Vikram, played by Unni Mukundan is Mr. Perfectionist, the zealous one. He is the kind of dedicated friends, who top in academics, sports and everything else. We all must have had a friend like him at some point in our lives. Namitha Pramod as Deepika is the right example of a ‘aaj ki naari‘ (the woman of today). Modern, fun-loving girl yet strongly-rooted in her traditions. The three lead characters stood out and complimented each other, bringing out the best in them. Anoop Menon and Lena exceptionally portrayed the role of  Vasudevan Shenoy and Laxmi Menon, respectively. The rest of the supporting cast justified their characters.

A simple, relatable and inspirational script by Iqbal Kuttipuram makes this a must-watch film. The incorporation of Konkani language throughout the film is worth appreciating. The extremes in the city of Cochin is extraordinarily captured by cinematographer Jomon T. John. From the raging sea to peaceful Marine Drive to traditional Konkani colony to the busy life of the city, every aspect is put together on screen as a visual masterpiece. Though only for a few scenes, even the bustling life of Delhi is brilliantly captured and that adds an extra dash of spice to the visual treat. The music of the film is composed by Bijibal. Though the music and songs sync well with the narrative, it may not receive enough acceptance as expected. The two flaws the movie suffered was that the music could have been worked upon. And the length of the narrative was a tad too long which could have been crispier. But overall it’s an entertaining and thought-provoking drama.

Why should you watch this film?

Why you shouldn’t watch this film? It’s the festive season of Eid and Vikramadithyan is like a perfectly-cooked visual biryani to celebrate the festival. The right amount of flavor, color, texture, emotions and a little bit of inspiration makes the movie a delightful eidi

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