Verdict: Appa Ani Bappa is a feel-good family entertainer.

When a film features powerhouse performers like Dilip Prabhavalkar, Bharat Jadhav and Subodh Bhave, one tends to expect a lot from a movie. October’s most recent Marathi release Appa Ani Bappa had us super excited. Director Arvind Jagtap’s Appa Ani Bappa is arguably reminiscent of the Paresh Rawal-Akshay Kumar starrer OMG – Oh My God! and yet is unique and packs some nikhal funny moments.

What’s Appa Ani Bappa about:

Govind Kulkarni aka Appa (Bharat Jadhav) is a Pune resident who lives with his old father Ramakant (Dilip Prabhavalkar), wife and children. Appa leads a textbook middle-class existence, complete with a disappointed wife and a characteristic money problems. As per his father’s non-negotiable demands, Appa has to throw a grand puja for their entire neighborhood during the Ganpati festival. Appa does this on credit due to their modest means. He is in a real soup when he has to now rely on his father’s savings to clear his debts. However, the bank keeps delaying the disbursement for multiple reasons, leaving Appa in a state of helplessness. Appas circumstances are so dire that Bappa (played by Subodh Bhave) Himself has to make an appearance on earth. What happens next is anyone’s guess.

What works:

Appa Ani Bappa packs a punch when it comes to performances. Veteran actor Bharat Jadhav pulls off his role with finesse and gives us an interesting character we can root for. Dilip Prabhavalkar is terrific in his role as a vikshipta ajoba and slips into his character effortlessly. He plays this ajoba vastly different than the Gangadhar Tipre we all have loved and adored. Subodh Bhave’s rendition of Bappa is effortlessly convincing. Bhave has always been a powerhouse of talent and he proves it yet again with Appa Ani Bappa. The movie gives you plenty of chuckle-worthy moments which makes the film worth a watch.

What could’ve been better:

The film has a few logical inconsistencies and obvious loopholes. For example, the reasons given by the bank to delay the disbursement seem slightly ridiculous and not by design, unfortunately. A few jokes don’t land successfully and thus feel grating. A shorter runtime would’ve definitely worked in the film’s favor.

Why you should watch:

Appa Ani Bappa has a unique premise, backed by fantastic performances and some genuinely good jokes. The film is a Bharat Jadhav and Subodh Bhave fans and is definitely worth a watch.