Verdict: A gripping drama that surprises you with some brilliantly executed comedy.

This is the exact moment I was waiting for a very long time now. I knew it was inevitable but didn’t know the "when". After being subjected to a series of some mediocre to downright disappointing films, I can safely say Baapjanma is exactly what the Marathi audience has been yearning for.

Hats off to the director Nipun Dharmadhikari for carrying such a complex subject in the most eloquent way. On paper, the premise is pretty simple but it’s the coherent script and some impeccable editing that does wonders for the film.

Bhaskar Pandit (Sachin Khedekar), a senior citizen is living in solitary along with his caretaker, Mauli (Pushkaraj Chirputkar) and a labrador (Tiger) ever since his wife passed away. His equation with his kids has worsened over the years and they aren’t on talking terms. Guilt is eating him away but he seldom finds the courage to reconcile until one day, while reading through his journal, he realizes that he’s been living a stringent lifestyle to no end. This sudden jolt of realization kicks in when he discovers something alarming about himself. Anything beyond this would be a spoiler!Baapjanma - BookMyShow

The film is a perfect example of how to layer your story. You don’t need to throw everything at the audience at once. You let the audience second guess, contemplate the character’s choices and gradually, with the passage of time, you feed them plot points. This beautiful execution that comes alive on the silver screen is equivalent to peeling the layers away of a complex, emotional onion.

As for the actors, Sachin Khedekar delivers a standout performance. Head and shoulders above all. Being the lead protagonist, there was little to no margin for error. But trust Sachin to enthrall you once again. Just a notch down is Pushkaraj Chirputkar’s performance as Mauli. He single-handedly takes care of the comic elements in the film. Unlike some films that rely heavily on ostentatiously loud acting and props, this film sets the premise first which in turn gives rise to comedy. This kind of comedy is genuine and often referred to as a situational comedy.  And as for the dog, Tiger, he too plays a somewhat crucial role in the film, like most dogs do.  

While watching the film, it’s easy to forget that this is Nipun’s directorial debut. It’s really difficult to master such level of artistry and skill, let alone on a directorial debut. Kudos to that!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
The film answers the burning question – how far will a father go to make amends with his kin?  It’s a simple yet effective film that will leave you in tears by the end of it (for the right reasons).  A powerful film that every daughter/son should watch this weekend.