Bai Go Bai: Film Review – An Interesting Concept That Leaves Us Wanting More

Verdict: A very intriguing idea that could have been conveyed better.

It has been a while since Marathi audience has seen their favorite comedienne Nirmiti Sawant perform on screen. Bai Go Bai had our hopes up quite high. It has all the right elements to be a great entertainer. The film got the cast, the location, and the little nuances on fleek. With everything in place, it promises to be a good comedy, and it delivers almost every time…well, almost.
The film opens with a sequence that gives us a glimpse of the terror that the men in Nayakanchi Wadi face everyday, only to reveal that it is, in fact, only a glimpse. The men folk in Nayakanchi Wadi, which is now Baykanchi Wadi (clever wordplay!), are treated mercilessly. They are denied basic rights like growing a mustache, sleeping in their own homes, and leaving the Wadi at will. They are trapped, alright. Soon you see why; enter Baijakka, played brilliantly by Nirmiti Sawant. Turns out, ever since she took charge of Nayakanchi Wadi, the misandrist activities increased phenomenally. She is so against love that no child has been born in the village since 18 years. She hates men with mustaches, and for a solid reason too, which you find out eventually.
Just when you start thinking, "Bless my stars that I am not one of the men there", walks in a local street performer Shiva, portrayed very energetically by Nayan Jadhav. Shiva falls in love with the beautiful daughter of Baijakka, Shyama (Sheetal Pathak), and you get this feeling in your gut that things are about to change. And they do.
Cut to: the second half of Bai Go Bai. The second half fails to charm us and goes on at an uneven, haphazard pace. The rest of the script is riddled with loopholes and you are left a little disappointed. 
Nirmiti Sawant is obviously the star performer and has amazing screen presence. The film has a good supporting cast too. Vijay Patkar (who plays Popat Mama) has impeccable comic timing, and keeps you entertained throughout the movie. The film has its share of heart-warming moments, which are portrayed quite beautifully.
Why You Should Watch this Movie:
It’s a movie that tells a different story, with stellar performances. It’s a good family entertainment with a dash of romance, comedy, and wholesome filmy masala. It’s worth a watch on a nice family weekend.