Verdict: A novel idea that could’ve been so much more

Bandh Nylon Che is based on a one-act play, and is a novel, amusing idea. Full marks to this unique concept. The storyline is different and intriguing, and promises to entertain you and your family. The current crop of movies adapted from old, popular Marathi plays is a treat for the younger Marathi audience. After Natsamrat, the level of expectations from Mahesh Manjrekar is admittedly high. However, Bandh Nylon Che fairs okay.

A very successful Devdutta (Subodh Bhave) returns to his village from US for a brief period to work on a commissioned project. He meets his father Raghunath Joglekar (Mahesh Manjrekar) and Mangal (Medha Manjrekar), and wishes to take them to Mumbai, so that they can spend time with his daughter, their granddaughter Sara (Pranjali Parab). The parents are excited, but an old altercation puts them off, and they decide to stay back. Frustrated, Dev comes back home to his wife (Shruti Marathe) and daughter, only to see that Sara is really looking forward to meeting her grandparents. He doesn’t want to break her heart, and asks his friend Ravi (Sunil Barve) for advice. Ravi, who happens to be a scientist, “lends” Dev pre-programmed humanoids that look exactly like Raghunath and Mangal. The humanoids get along with Sara like house on fire. Back in the village, the real Mangal misses her son and wants to see him. They land up in Mumbai as well, to add to the already sub-normal situation.

The film has a family angle, which is quite interesting to begin with. However, Dev’s project angle seems a little unnecessary and forced. The film ends up looking a bit scattered. It’s all fine and dandy til the film becomes a little preachy. The movie could’ve trimmed some extra fat and should’ve been crisper and shorter. It would’ve definitely worked in its favor.

Performances-wise, everyone does a great job. Everyone looks very natural, including the adorable Pranjali Parab. This is the assurance of watching a movie with seasoned Marathi actors – great performances are guaranteed. Sanjay Narvekar in a cameo does a good job, however, the point of his being there in the movie is not very well-explained. 

Why Should You Watch This Movie:

The idea is something different, and has never been successfully tried before in the Marathi movies. As audience, we really hope that more such novel, interesting ideas are experimented with and made into movies. The performances in this one are super, and the film is definitely worth a watch with your entire family.