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Bhikari: Film Review – Begging For Life

Verdict: A not-so-perfect tale about a mother and her son.

At some point in time, every actor wants to experiment and try something which is out of his comfort zone. Swwapnil Joshi seems to be in that phase. The actor who we have seen mainly in romantic films is trying his luck by exploring multiple genres. Remember his last release Laal Ishq. His latest Bhikari is an extension of his experimental phase.

Sharda Devi (Kirti Adarkar) hands over the family business to her son Samrat Jaikar (Swwapnil Joshi). Things were going smoothly until Sharda meets with an unfortunate accident and as a result, she goes into a coma. Samrat tries everything possible by providing best medical facilities, but Sharda’s condition doesn’t improve. One day, a priest advises him that he should give up everything and should start living a beggar’s a life for 48 days. Samrat decides to embark on this journey, which, according to him is the last resort to save his mother’s life. Will he able to complete his journey? Watch the film to find out.

Bhikari - BookMyShow
Bhikari is a perfect example of what would go wrong if a film remake is not adapted wisely. The Tamil film Pichaikkaran (2016) had the same elements, but it was filmed to cater to the interest of Tamil audience. Here the writer Guru Thakur failed to bring the Maharashtrian essence and that’s where the film falls flat. The editing could have been sharper as even the 129 minutes of runtime was a bit lengthy. The music was pretty decent. The director Ganesh Acharya captured the emotions beautifully, but overall the direction was haywire and there were too many sub-plots that were hard to digest.

Swwapnil Joshi gives an earnest performance. We appreciate the fact that he is trying sincerely to do something which is not his forte. The rest of the cast such as Rucha Inamdar, Sayaji Shinde, Kirti Adarkar, Guru Thakur and Milind Shinde have done a wonderful job considering the limited scope of their roles.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

If you are tired of watching the same love stories and still want to experience love, but in a different set of relationships, then this one is for you. And for Swwapnil’s fans, you will see a performance that is sure to remain close to your heart.