Verdict: A starter pack for parents to understand live-in relationships.

The moment parents hear the words “live-in relationship” uttered by their kids, they immediately go into shock or chose to live in denial as if these are some sort of taboo words. And after hearing this, the first thing that comes to their mind is, “what would society think about such a relationship?”. Instead of understanding their kid’s point of view, parents immediately conclude – live-in relationships = pregnancy scare. They fail to see that by doing that their kids get a choice to read the documents (their future life partner) carefully before investing in them for life. Sounds practical or illogical, maybe Chi Va Chi Sau Ka will clear some of your doubts or preconceived notions.

The two-time National Award-winning director Paresh Mokashi, who gave us hits such as Elizabeth Ekadashi and Harishchandrachi Factory, brings us this entertaining movie. The concept of the movie is progressive, which many will be able to digest because of the way it is presented. Although it may not be like those sensational hits such as Sairat, Deool, Fandry, Dangal, and so on, at least it could start that conversation.Chi-Va-Chi-Sau-Ka

Chi Va Chi Sau Ka is essentially a romantic movie, where we all know that the boy and the girl will eventually fall for each other by the end of the movie. Lalit Prabhakar plays the role of Satyaprakash or Satya, a hardcore nonvegetarian, an electrical engineer, who's into developing new solar power systems. Mrinmayee Godbole, on the other hand, plays the role of Savitri or Savi, an absolute vegan, a veterinary doctor, whose life’s goal is to save as many animals as possible. These two protagonists are poles apart but that’s what makes this movie interesting.

Satya and Savi meet at the marriage registrar’s office for the first time as they were witnesses to their best friends’ wedding. At that time, they briefly acknowledge each other and move on with their lives. According to their parents, both of them are of the ideal age for getting married and so they keep on pestering them to get married. A few days later, their parents unknowingly fix their meeting to discuss their arranged marriage and that’s when they meet again. When all the basic introductions are taking place, Savitri, drops the live-in relationship bomb on them. Naturally, everyone, except Satya, gets the shock of their life. That’s when Satya and Savitri decide to convince them that it’s just an experiment to understand if they are compatible or not. After a couple of days of convincing, the parents agree, but not wholeheartedly. They even try to come up with contingency plans to avoid this from happening. That’s when the actual chaotic and funny part begins.

Both the families are typical loving yet dysfunctional families. Every family member has a peculiar trait, which makes them special and really entertaining. The quirks and timing of all the actors not just make you laugh out loud but also imagine how your family will react if something like that happened to you. The movie also has a narrator, the registrar played by Bharat Ganeshpure, who would remind you of Paresh Rawal's role in Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi. Bharat nicely punctuates the scenes with his comic narrations. The lead actors have also done justice to their characters and managed to develop an affinity towards them. The one thing that could have been better about the movie would be how certain stereotypes are presented, which could divert people’s attention from the main topic. But apart from that, the movie is a laugh riot.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

This movie is an absolute no-brainer. Not because it doesn’t fulfill the demands of the premise but it feeds you a so-called "taboo” concept in humorous ways and makes you see the practical side.