Court: Film Review – This is one hearing you wouldn’t want to miss

Court is a prime example of coming of age cinema. More than a movie, this piece of cinematic brilliance is a mirror. A mirror which clearly reflects the current ongoings in the underbelly of our day to day life, and the legal system. It is the story of how an ageing folk singer Narayan Kamble (Vira Sathidar) gets arrested for the abetment of a sewage worker’s suicide through his performances, and the steps our judicial system follows to solve the case. Apart from Narayan Kamble, the film throws light on the lives of three other characters. Kamble’s lawyer Vinay Vora (Vivek Gomber), State Attorney (Geetanjali Kulkarni) and Judge Sadavarte (Pradeep Joshi).

The film sews itself with humorous conjunctions all throughout. The film offers answers to many questions related to class divide, judiciary, and injustice in a lucid cinematic manner. Unlike other Bollywood courtroom drama’s, this film displays everything from the thronging lawyers outside a court, to the dresscode which is to be followed in a courtroom, and the months it takes to solve even a simple case such as that of a stolen watch. Not one frame in the film looks commercialised. Director Chaitanya Tamhane has conducted intensive ground research for the film, and it shows. The camera work is brilliant, and full marks to the cinematographer for the excellent on screen outcome in spite of a less than stellar scope. Court successfully breaks all myths and stereotypes attached to new age parallel cinema which include profanity and violence. The good part about this film is that can stand as a concrete storyboard for many films to come. It can be made and re-made in any language, yet the essence of the film is so strong, the impact of the film would still remain intact. Music in the film includes revamped versions of popular Marathi film and folk songs. The one and only drawback of the film is its slow pace. In the last 20 minutes, the film tries hard to grab audience attention but fails miserably.


Why should you watch this film ?

Apart from exposure to cinematic brilliance, the film provides a wider and better understanding of the Indian Judicial System.


By Vikas Nopany

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