Cycle: Film Review – Hop On To A Heart-warming Ride

Verdict: A light-hearted family drama that you shouldn’t miss.

We all have certain things in our lives that we value and are attached to more than others. Do you find yourself unable to share your favorite thing with others? Do you feel cautiously possessive about that thing? Cycle is a story of a man who loses his most-loved possession but ends up learning the biggest life lesson. This is a movie that's winning hearts with a simple yet powerful story.

Cycle movie


Set in the 1960s, Cycle traces the story of Keshav (Hrishikesh Joshi), who is an astrologer. He is famous across villages for his astrology skills and his cycle. Keshav lives a simple life with his father, wife and daughter. Loved by all, he tries to help as many people as possible. However, what Keshav holds most dear to himself is his cycle. The cycle is a family treasure that was passed on to Keshav by his great-grandfather who received it as a gift from a foreigner. Keshav strongly believes that as long as he has the cycle, everything will be okay. On a night when the entire village has gathered for festivities at the temple, two thieves are on the run after robbing a house. When dogs begin chasing the thieves, they steal Keshav’s cycle and flee the village. Keshav is distraught and sets out to find his cycle. Meanwhile, the thieves unknowingly embark on a ride that is about to change their lives forever. Will Keshav find his cycle? If not, will the people still love him like they used to?


Cycle directed by Prakash Kunte is both a heart-warming and an entertaining story. Priyadarshan Jadhav and Bhalchandra Kadam as the two notorious thieves are thoroughly hilarious. The audience heartily laughed every time they were on screen. As funny as they were, they also portrayed the emotional scenes with a terrific intensity. The protagonist, Hrishikesh Joshi has played his part with the utmost conviction. The frustration of losing the cycle, the conviction to find it, and all the helplessness that follows has been emoted perfectly by the actor. What Cycle preaches through the thieves’ point of view is that people don’t remember and love us for the things we have but about how we make them feel.


The movie's engaging plot left us wanting for more and wishing the movie was a bit longer, but Cycle makes up for it and lets the audience enjoy every moment until the very end. 


Cycle is an emotional take on how life is not about the materialistic things we own but how good we are to others. In the end, the movie beautifully conveys the message – 'The best things in life aren’t things. The people we love and the ones who love us make our lives better.’ Cycle will leave you awestruck with its honest story and applause-worthy performances.

– Written By Heenal Shah