Over the years, various movies have been based on atheists who eventually start believing in God. Pravin Vitthal Tarde and Pranit Kulkarni’s Deool Band is a movie that revolves around a similar plot. But don’t let this discourage you from watching the film! The Marathi film industry, which has been reaching new highs in recent times, has managed to surprise us yet again! Moving away from the usual masala and action, this film addresses a social cause.

Dr. Raghav Shastri, played by Gashmeer Mahajani, is an Indian-born scientist who’s made a name for himself. He hates his motherland and the people here, mainly because of their blind beliefs. He is a logical person who believes in science and facts; an atheist who is completely against spirituality. Raghav, along with his family, travels to India for a project which is supposed to help the Indian National Defence. What happens when the things that he hates the most- God, blind faith and especially, Swami Samarth- all become a part of his daily life? Things go for a toss when the genius scientist starts seeing Swami Samarth in real life!
A hilarious, witty and modern version of the Swami completely changes Raghav’s life! Thus starts the journey of a man who set out to find answers. The comic timing in this movie is great and will keep you laughing throughout. The director has done a brilliant job of showcasing India’s scenic and spiritual beauty. The message of fighting terrorism and understanding spirituality is mixed with great perfection and the sub-plots go hand-in-hand. What pricks you is the duration of this film. With a run time of around 3 hours, this movie has been stretched too long.

Why should you watch this film?
We have all seen movies where an imaginary figure comes to life and becomes a companion- Gandhiji in Lage Raho Munna Bhai and Lord Krishna in OMG. In this flick, the imaginary character steals the show! Unmatched comic timing and a great character sketch set him apart. Every actor has done a brilliant job, and if you need a reason to start believing in God, this movie could be it!