Duniyadari: Film Review

Duniyadari is a film that promises brilliant performances aplenty. The film directed by Sanjay Jadhav is based on the very renowned novel by Late Shri Suhas Shirwalkar that goes by the same name.

The film is set in the 1970’s and is the story of Shreyas(Swapnil Joshi). Shreyas is a lonely and timid adolescent neglected by his warring parents and thus lacks love and friendship in his life. On his mother’s insistence and against his wishes he is admitted to a prestigious college in Pune where his life changes for ever. Here he befriends the local goon, DSP or Digya(Ankush Chaudhry) and his Katta Gang. Here onwards Shreyas’ life takes a U-turn, DSP and the Katta Gang bring meaning into Shreyas’ sad and eventless life with their hooliganism. It is at this time that Shreyas experiences first love, he falls for Shirin(Sai Tamhankar), a medical student, the daughter of the local MLA. Swapnil doesn’t look like a young college student, but makes up for the lack of his physical appearance with his skilled acting. 

The dialogues in the film are written by Chinmay Mandlekar and have a natural flow and local flavor. What’s worth mention is the attempt of Mandlekar to use Hindi dialogues in a Marathi film, and also that he has used them aptly.

Two members of the Katta gang need to be mentioned for their brilliant performance; one is ‘Sore’ and the other known as Zoler, because he is an ace conman. Their onscreen presence is hilarious enough to leave you in splits. Another actor who deserves special mention is Jitendra Joshi, who plays the antagonist in the film. There’s something special about the way he delivers his favorite line in the movie, the line being, "mehyune, mehyune, mehyunanche pahune"(in-laws, in-laws, relatives of the in-laws). These three come across as those rare, gifted actors that have a natural flare for comedy. DSP aka Digya (Ankush Chaudhry) plays the role of a goon with conviction.  Urmila Kanitkar, as Meenu seems to be the perfect choice to portray the sweet girl next door. 

The film keeps you engaged and entertained till the first half. But compared to the first half the second half is a disappointment as it over sentimentalizes the story, thus making the film predictable and boring. 

However on the whole the film is definitely worth a watch largely because of it’s dialogues and brilliant performances. 

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