Set in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, the film starts with little Dnyanesh’s kirtan that features Sant ‘Newton’ and his Theory of Gravitation. Dnyanesh (Shrirang Mahajan) is a bright boy who loves Elizabeth, his bicycle that was built by his late scientist father. 

Tragedy strikes when the bank confiscates his mother’s loom, the family’s only source of income. The bank promises to return the machine if they pay a sum of five thousand rupees. Now, Dnyanesh is faced with the possibility of Elizabeth being sold to the local cycle shop. He decides to do something about it. Dnyanesh, his sister Mukta (Sayali Bhandarkavthekar)  and a couple of his friends get together. They decide to earn money by selling bangles before ‘Dwadashi’, the day after ‘Ekadashi’. What follows is both funny and heart-warming as a bunch of 6 year-olds set about their mission to save their beloved bicycle.

The film starts to drag a bit after the interval but returns to its original pace. Director Paresh Mokashi‘s second film is on par with ‘Harishchandrachi Factory’, his first critically acclaimed attempt.The performances of Shrirang Mahajan as Dnyanesh and Sayali Bhandarkavthekar as Mukta are brilliant. The music transports you right into the middle of Dnyanesh’s life. With traditional kirtans combined with bits of science, you get the feeling that the lyrics are just perfect. The cinematography is clean and tight with the emphasis placed on the children. The story might sound familiar, but the innocence of each character gives it a sense of honesty. You will enjoy watching these wonderful child actors as they charm their way into your heart. In case you were wondering about Newton’s Theory of Gravitation and its connection to the film, you will just have to watch it to find out. 

Why should you watch this film?
If you’d like a simple story set in a simple time, this may just brighten up your weekend!

By Geeta Masurekar

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