Verdict: Faster Fene is a thriller that will make you bite your nails.

When it was announced that Mumbai Film Company’s next production is Faster Fene – there was a sheer delight among Marathi cinephiles because FaFe is one of the most celebrated characters that children’s writer B.R. Bhagwat has ever created. He has ruled the hearts of Marathi readers for decades now. Bhagwat’s work was later serialized on Doordarshan where Sumeet Raghavan breathed life into the character. Even the series got an overwhelming response then. And when Amey Wagh was cast as FaFe, the expectations from the new-Gen hero among the audience and in the Marathi film circle is skyrocketing.

What’s It About:

Banesh Fene (Amey Wagh) is an extremely sharp, adorable, humorous and fearless guy who has Sherlock-esque investigative abilities. He comes to Pune to give his medical entrance exam. After the exam, he boards a bus to his hometown. In the bus, while reading the newspaper, he came to know the suicide of a fellow student. The incident shakes him from within and he decides to find the root cause behind the suicide. With the help of his friend Aboli (Parna Pethe), Bhubhu (Shubham More) and Bhagwat Aajoba (the brilliant Dilip Prabhavalkar), he investigates further, only to know that it's more than one could imagine – enters Appa (Girish Kulkarni), the mastermind of the entire game plan. Anything more than this will be a spoiler. Will FaFe survive all the odds to bring out the truth? Well! The answer lies in a theatre near you.

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What Works:

The watertight screenplay is the soul of the film. There are no songs, the cliché romance between the lead pair or any sort of fillers. Right from the intro scene to the end credits, it’s purely a masterpiece that will add another feather in the cap of both, the Mumbai Film Company and the Marathi film industry. All the scenes perfectly complement the new meanings of internet abbreviations – like LOL means Link Of Logic. These are the instances when you realize how brilliantly director Aditya Sarpotdar and his screenwriter Kshitij Patwardhan have crafted the new-gen FaFe. Kudos to both of them. The cast has given an outstanding performance. Amey Wagh has been on a winners' streak with Casting Couch and Amar Photo Studio going strong, critical appreciation for Muramba and now this. Girish Kulkarni has time and again proven to be a fine, fine performer who excels at his craft. The background score further raises the intensity level. The cinematography is apt too.

What Could Have Been Better:

If we must nitpick, apart from a few scenes where twists are a bit stretched and the avoidable explanation in the climax – there was nothing to point out. It’s a flawless film.

Why You Should Watch:

Riteish Deshmukh has a winner on his hands this time. If you have grown up reading and watching Faster Fene – you can’t afford to miss this one. And those who are not aware of the literary history of FaFe, he is the new-gen Sherlock of Marathi film industry. Faster Fane is a guaranteed blockbuster, so don’t think twice. Just book your tickets and enjoy one of the best crime thrillers made in recent times with your family.