Verdict –  A powerful star-cast that struggles to hold afloat a disastrous film.

Swapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave are two names in the Marathi film industry to be reckoned with. Put the two together in a film and you expect a piece of cinema with quality performances at the least. Comparing it to other Marathi films, Fugay comes nowhere close to being the fun entertainer it sets out to be.

The film introduces us to Adi (Swapnil Joshi) and Hrishikesh (Subodh Bhave), two best friends with a bromance so extreme, it is found slightly odd by Jaai (Prarthana Behere), Adi’s fiance. After lying to his fiance, the two best friends head to Goa for Adi’s bachelor party. What ensues is alot of wild drinking escapades, basically all that happens in every cliched Goa trip. Their trip is however cut short when a picture of the two appears in a newspaper with them having no recollection of the events that transpired before or after that picture was taken. The picture causes mayhem in their lives leading everyone to believe they are homosexual. The rest of the film focuses on how the two best friends try to prove everyone wrong.

Fugay: Film Review - Being Gay Is Ok. This Movie Is Not.

With a few genuine hilarious moments, what works best  in the film is the cast. The experienced star cast tries its best to add life to a dull script and keep you hooked. One point that stands out the most and is hard to ignore, even if masked under the tone of humor is the stereotypical manner the film has approached the homosexuality. The film is no doubt entertaining but seems like a mash-up of Bollywood’s Dostana and Hollywood’s Hangover.

Why You Should Watch This Movie

If you are looking for a fun entertainer with some of your favorite Marathi stars in one film, Fugay should definitely be your film of choice.