Verdict: Girlfriend is so much more than just a rom-com.

If you follow the Marathi cinegoer’s blue-eyed boy Amey Wagh on Instagram as we do, you’d know that Girlfriend is one of the most hyped and talked about films to release in Marathi cinema this year. Wagh has mastered the comedy genre and we expect only “awesomesauce” things from him. Spoiler alert – he does not disappoint.

What’s Girlfriend About:

Girlfriend stays true to its trailer that promises hilarious outings of Nachiket Pradhan’s aka Nachya (Amey Wagh) in his search for a girlfriend. Despite having a good job and being a quintessential “good guy”, Nachiket has been single forever and to make matters worse, his birthday falls on the 14th of February. Every year, his birthday is a yearly reminder that he is alone while all his friends have someone to spend the romantic day with. Annoyed with everyone’s taunts and even his own failure to “patao a girlfriend”, Nachiket creates a fake Facebook account with the name Alisha Nerurkar but with pictures of Payal Mehta (Sai Tamhankar), a girl with whom he has zero friends in common. Nachiket seems pretty happy with his stunt as most people seem to believe in his fake girlfriend and are happy for him. However, lies have a way of catching up at the worst times.

What Works:

Girlfriend is a rom-com alright but its treatment is different than any Marathi romantic movie you may have watched. The dialogues will not only make you laugh but also are so natural that you feel like you’ve been hanging with Nachiket for a long time now. Sai Tamhankar looks like a million bucks! She has excelled in capturing Alisha/Payal’s free, weird (the girl relishes ice-cream and rice), but wholesome spirit. While the supporting cast is really good, the movie obviously was written for Amey Wagh. The actor has surpassed his previous performances and embodies the under-confident, slightly ignorant in the matter of heart, and overall a decent guy perfectly. The songs are reminiscent of the quirky histrionics in Woh Ladki Hai Kahan from Dil Chahta Hai. It’d be wrong to call it just a rom-com because Upendra Sidhaye’s Girlfriend is an all-rounder and fits so well in your weekend plans.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Seldom have romantic films broken the audience’s expectations of a happy ending and Girlfriend is no exception. While the film and the treatment are significantly unique, the ending is quite predictable. Fewer melodramatic scenes would’ve only made the film stronger.

Why You Should Watch:

Amey Wagh has a compelling comic timing and he makes the jokes from the script translate seamlessly on the screen. Girlfriend’s unique story, fresh feel, Sai Tamhankar’s performance, and the songs are terrific. Moreover, you must watch Girlfriend because it is one of the best rom-coms to hit the theatres in recent times.