Verdict: A sweet-sour concoction of emotions (and food) you should not miss!

Two time National Award-winning director Sachin Kundalkar has yet again mixed all the ingredients perfectly to give us a memorable film. There are certain underlying elements in Sachin’s films like the backdrop of the city of Pune, emphasis on individuality, the conflict between modernity and traditionalism. All this can be seen in Gulabjaam, but here's what will win your heart – Sonali Kulkarni’s flawless performance.

What's Gulabjaam about:

The story is simple. Aditya (Siddharth Chandekar), a Maharashtrian living in London, wants to fulfill his childhood dream of being a chef. He comes all the way to Pune to learn cooking from an eccentric woman, Radha (Sonali Kulkarni), who initially is not very hospitable, slowly begins to open us thus taking the guru-shishya relationship to a new level altogether. Just like the ingredients of a dish, the several elements in the lives of both come together to give experiences they never thought they would ever have.

What works:

Food and memories are integral aspects of this film and both have been played upon beautifully. The zoomed in shots of the several Maharashtrian delicacies is sure to make you hungry and hijack your gaze. However, the stronghold of Gulabjaam has to be Sonali Kulkarni’s effortless yet heart-wrenching performance. Being tough at one moment and vulnerable at the next is never easy for a character but Sonali has nailed it with finesse. Also, if you are a Maharashtrian, there is a lot to take away once the film is over. 

What could have been better:

The climax was a bit unpredictable, which works both ways. Apart from that, the pace of the film could have been faster in the second half. 

Why you should watch Gulabjaam:

To witness how food can be a metaphor for all that goes in our lives. For Maharashtrians, there will many moments that will transport you to your childhood days and remind you of the heavenly taste of the local delicacies. Others, watch it to witness Sonali Kulkarni’s powerful yet effortless performance. Book now!