Verdict: A funny action movie with a heart

Sanjay Jadhav and Ankush Chaudhari strike again! After Checkmate and Duniyadari, comes Guru. Guru is a feel-good action entertainer, with super comic-timing, and its heart at the right place. Sanjay Jadhav is really good at making movies that look great. Guru is an out-and-out entertainer, that albeit predictable, doesn’t bore you.
Guru Desai (Ankush Chaudhari) is a good-natured conman (very Robin Hood-ish), who lives with Mai and his punter friends in Mumbai. Inspector Mahale, a local police inspector, is always on Guru’s case, trying to find a chance to arrest Guru for his cons. All is fine and dandy till Guru witnesses a murder. Guru’s life is in danger because the murder is committed by (think think) a very wealthy and powerful man. Guru decides to hide in his village, with his righteous Madhav Dada (Avinash Narkar) and Vahini, and their two kids, of course. Guru encounters some local village problems, as the corrupt village MLA, Mansingh (Murli Sharma), is out to sell the village out. He hurts Madhav when he tries to protest. Somewhere between all this, Guru finds the time to be smitten by Ovi aka Mango Dolly (Urmila Kanetkar). Hereon, the movie gets more and more predictable, and you can see where the movie is headed. 
Guru bears an uncanny resemblance to the South Indian (and now Bollywood) types of movies that have an entertaining blend of action, comedy, drama, and romance. The protagonist is usually a lovable rogue, who single-handedly beats up the bad guys by channeling his inner goodness (very swag, much adorable). Marathi cinema has tried different versions of this formula, but not many got it right. However, Guru comes through. Guru has the right amount of drama and action, and also gets the comedy bit down pat. If you let go a little, you will find yourself laughing at most of the jokes.
Performances-wise, everyone has tried their best, and it shows. Ankush Chaudhari is funny and looks great throughout the movie. Murli Sharma is very convincing as the corrupt, local MLA. Urmila Kanetkar looks pretty and does her job well. Ravindra Mankani, in a short role, does a noticeable job. The dialogues are fun, and the music is forgettable. Script is regular, and some more substance would’ve gone a long way. Watch out for this one scene where Inspector Mahale is chasing Ankush Chaudhari in a Charlie Chaplin style. It will leave a grin on your face.
Why You Should Watch This Movie
Guru is a good movie of the leave-your-brain-home-and-allow-yourself-to-get-entertained genre. It’s has a good blend of comedy and action, and oodles of swag. All in all, it’s a good family entertainer for this weekend.