Verdict: From crow’s eggs to pizza – an adorable journey of two brothers.


Everyone has desires. Some have the capacity to fulfil them while others don’t. But that shouldn’t stop anyone from having desires and dreaming big. Half Ticket, directed by Samit Kakkad is the story of two brothers, played by Shubham More and Vinayak Potdar, who live in the slums of Mumbai. This film highlights that no matter what condition or situation you are in, if you have the desire to achieve something, all you need is the will and the urge to grab it; having the means (money) is secondary.

At the start of the film you are shown the condition in which these brothers live in – a frail little shanty, amongst many. They stay there with their mother, played by Priyanka Bose and their grandmother, played by Usha Naik. Due to lack of money and family problems, these brothers, instead of attending school, do odd jobs such as picking and selling coal to do their bit to support their family. While doing so, they don’t forget to have fun along the way by living in the moment and building bonds with people around them. But the most exciting part of their day is the time when they go scouting for crow’s eggs to feast on them – easy access to nutrition, free of cost. This habit of eating crow’s eggs lands them a nickname – ‘Kavla chi andi’ (crow’s eggs). But that nickname doesn’t bother them; they wear it like their armor and carry it with pride. Although, their mother does get pissed with their nickname, and she insists that they break that habit. 

Like other kids, even they wish to get a taste of the finer things in life. Kids have impressionable minds and whatever they see outside, quickly creates an impact on their mind. Fancy things such as a television set, branded watches, mobile phones, and so on become extremely desirable. One fine day, a famous actor, Ankush Chaudhari, comes to inaugurate a pizza joint near their locality. They are fascinated by that and wonder what pizza tastes like. From that day on, they start finding new ways to earn more money so that they can finally save up enough money to buy themselves a pizza. Watch their entire journey to find out what all they go through to get a taste of that coveted pizza.

The way the film is shot, it keeps you engaged and wanting for more. Samit Kakkad, indeed wins brownie points by doing justice to the original Tamil film, Kaaka Muttai. Shubham More and Vinayak Potdar are extremely talented actors who will absolutely captivate you with their performance in this movie. The scenes with Priyanka Bose, Usha Naik, and Bhau Kadam add the finishing touches to the film.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
When you have lead child actors in a film, you immediately assume that it’s a film only for kids. But that’s not always true! Half Ticket goes beyond that and manages to touch everyone’s hearts. From the first scene to the last, you will be hooked and thoroughly entertained.