Verdict: Hrudayantar handles complex emotions so gracefully.

With Marathi cinema churning out some pure gems in the past few months, the audience's expectation from films these days is not just mindless entertainment anymore. The Marathi audience is ready to get wowed only if one knows how to make a film with substance. Hrudayantar is one such film.

Samaira Joshi (Mukta Barve) is a successful working woman, a doting mother of two adorable girls, Nitya and Nysha (Trushnika Shinde and Nishtha Vaidya), and shares a rather strained relationship with her hotelier husband, Shekhar Joshi (Subodh Bhave). Theirs is an arranged marriage and not without its ups and downs. Shekhar is a textbook workaholic. He works despite personal problems, works hard for a good life for his family and is quite well off due to his persistence. However, like all workaholics, he does not prioritize his family over his work. Samaira and Shekhar both hesitantly accept that separation seems to be the best option for them. Amidst this, there comes a mammoth problem for the family to deal with. The whole family gives each other the love and support to get through this. Samaira and Shekhar put their differences aside and go through this tragedy. Shekhar, known to prioritize his work before his family, rises to the occasion as a perfect, loving father.

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The film's story may not be brand new and a few films have attempted to deal with the likes of this subject (case in point – Shwaas). What makes the movie stand out is the script, the direction, and the dialogues. The characters are defined quite well and the casting is perfect. Barve and Bhave are powerhouses of talent and they prove it yet again. Mukta Barve displays a spectrum of hues in her character – from being a stoic, strong mom to a mom who is terrified of losing her child and will grasp at straws to save her. Subodh Bhave plays a father who might appear to be consumed by work but will come through for his kids when they need him. The kids have performed well and they clearly share a great chemistry with the adult actors as well as between themselves. The supporting cast only adds value to the film. The dialogues are not over the top or melodramatic but are simple, like how real people speak at home. The soundtrack of the movie complements the story. Needless to say, the styling is perfect and everyone looks their part.

While the film works for the most part, it would have worked far better had the story been kept a bit simpler, crisper. Bhave's character could have used more details in the first half for better impact.

Hrudayantar is bound to tug at your heart strings. It deals with very real situations where, in an argument, no one is completely right or wrong. It deals with the idea of happiness and a “perfect” marriage. The film also highlights how sometimes you learn a lot about life from children; they are not as naive as adults think they are. The film handles complex human emotions and it does so very gracefully.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Hrudayantar traverses a complex journey of the characters through intricate emotions very successfully. If you crave a good emotional family drama, this is the film for you this weekend. While it has its light moment, more emphasis is laid on how the family sticks together in times of hopelessness and despair and they all come through for each other. Kudos, team Hrudyanatar! Take a bow!

PS: This is how cameos should be done.