Jayjaykaar: Film Review – Understanding and uplifting eunuchs

This movie has released at a very crucial point of time after the Supreme Court passed a historic judgement of recognizing "Hijras" and transgenders as third sex. Jayjaykaar is based on the topic of treating hijras and transgenders humanely and giving them equal opportunities in education and employment.

The film has been written and directed by debutant – Shantanu Rode, who has done an excellent job by handling this sensitive topic without making it look vulgar.

An eccentric and restless retired Major Akhand (Dilip Prabhawalkar) is quite the pain for all the fellow villagers because of his antics and behaviour. After several encounters with the four eunuchs Mausi (Sanjay Kulkarni), Champa (Bhushan Borgaokar), Rani (Dhawal Pokale) and Laajo (Aakash Shinde), he sets himself on the path of upliftment of these four eunuchs and making them realize that they can do much more than just begging for a living.

As always, Dilip Prabhawalkar has done justice to the role of Major Akhand – a restless old man always trying to do something new. Sanjay Kulkarni, who plays Mausi has done a stupendous job.

The other three actors playing eunuchs have also lived up to their characters without making it look artificial and forced. Technically speaking, the movie lacks good screenplay and some parts of the movie appear to be patchy. The Camerawork is good; the cinematographer has succeeded in capturing some beautiful frames and locations. The film has some beautiful dialogues like “Jo kashtaane kamavto toh pakka aani jo aayta khaato toh chakka” (The one who earns by hardwork is a man and the one who sits idle is an eunuch).

Why should one watch this film?
The movie is an entertainer and also delivers a message a message that needs to be inculcated in this transgender-phobic society of ours.
By Ajinkya Prabhu

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