Verdict: Tejashree Pradhan is impressive in her big-screen avatar.

Judgement is a crime-courtroom drama based on the book Runn by Neela Satyanarayan, which is based on true events. The movie has been directed by Sameer Surve.

What’s Judgement About:

A temperamental IAS officer Agnivesh Satam (Mangesh Desai) is a powerful and an abusive man, who desperately wants his wife (Shweta Pagar) to bear a son. The couple has two adorable and sweet daughters Rujuta and Anahita. Now Mrs. Satam is pregnant for the third time. In an illegal fetus test, it comes to light that she is pregnant with a girl again and she is scared for her life, and rightly so. Agnivesh murders her in a fit of rage and the 8-year-old Rujuta witnesses this horrific event. However, he gets away with it due to all the power he holds due to his position and manages to shut up Rujuta as he packs the sisters off to their grandfather in Mumbai. About 15 years after this incident, a guilt-stricken and traumatized Rujuta (played by Tejashree Pradhan) is now a young lawyer and decides to reopen the case as an attempt to bring justice to her mother.

What Works:

The film has a terrific premise and is extremely engaging in the first half. The treatment of the abusive scenes is brutal and you can feel the children’s terror in every scene. Child artist Chaitra Bhujbal, who plays the young Rujuta, is quite impressive as the scared little girl who has to deal with the visuals of her mother’s murder and the trauma that comes with it. Tejashree Pradhan gives a restrained performance and comes off great. Mangesh Desai makes for a formidable and menacing antagonist as the educated and yet orthodox Agnivesh with rage issues. The two actors effectively portray the tension of a lawyer daughter standing up for her mother and fighting against her criminal father. The supporting cast, including Mahesh Teredesai, Kishori Ambiye, Pratik Deshmukh, and Satish Salagare do a good job.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The screenplay has loopholes with respect to logic as well as story. The film loses momentum in the second half. Judgement’s flow may seem jarring in places with respect to scene transitions.

Why You Should Watch:

Judgement has a very interesting premise with some good performances. It is engaging and entertaining. If you like courtroom dramas, Judgement is the pick for you this weekend.