Verdict: Rinku Rajguru shines in her second film, KaaGar.

An impressive cast and crew have come together to bring to us an intense political drama titled KaaGar. Director Makarand Mane teams up with his National Award-winning film Ringan’s costar Shashank Shende for this one. Another National Award winner Rinku Rajguru plays the leading lady and we are excited to see her on screen after Sairat.

What’s KaaGar About:

Based in a small town in Maharashtra, an ambitious young karyakarta named Yuvraj (Shubhankar Tawde) has big plans for himself in the world of politics. He is a khaas of the kingmaker Guruji (Shashank Shende) who plays a pivotal role in bringing a candidate to power from their constituency. A conflict is ensuing between Guruji’s old political associate MLA Aabasaheb (Suhas Palshikar) and his new protege Bhaiyyaraje as they both compete for the seat. It is revealed that Yuvraj’s father was a farmer and was unjustly killed by Aabasaheb for protesting the injustice against the local farmers. Yuvraj’s biggest ambition now is to make it right for the farmers and the only way he sees he can achieve this is by joining politics. Meanwhile, Guruji’s intelligent daughter Rani (Rinku Rajguru) and Yuvraj are secretly in love. While Rani is supportive of Yuvraj’s ideas, she is not sure that he is cut out for politics with his hot temper and loose emotions. The two of them decide to get secretly married but life has other plans for the couple. In a rather tragic turn of events, Rani’s two worlds intertwine and she is torn between love and politics.

What Works:

In the election mahoul, such a film definitely piques interest among everyone who follows politics keenly. As much as the film is a political drama, it has thrilling moments as well as shades of romance. The dialogues are a big plus and have been written keeping the geography of the movie in mind. Shubhankar Tawde is good in his debut film. Rinku Rajguru is stunningly natural and has done her part brilliantly. While her character reminds you a little of the bindass and fearless Archi, she definitely impresses as a restrained and balanced Rani. Their chemistry is cute even with the intense political backdrop. Shashank Shende and the rest of the cast do well too. Rani’s growth in the film, as a woman and as a politician, has been narrated well and the audience is given enough time to get invested in her character. Director Makarand Mane successfully shows complex aspects of politics such as confused idealism and the consequent corruption of morals.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The placement of certain songs makes the film seem choppy. While the audience can predict the end to a large extent, KaaGar delivers what it promises in the trailer. It’s a smartly made film but since the story is largely based on politics, it’s not exactly a breezy watch.

Why You Should Watch:

The political tension is so thick that you can cut it with a knife. Among the speculations and discussions, KaaGar gives you an entertaining political drama-thriller that also has romance, a little humor, and a good story. Watch it for the star Rinku Rajguru is. It makes for a good pre-election watch with other political aficionados.

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