Verdict: Khari Biscuit belongs to the epic cuteness of the lead actors.

Marathi cinema has given us well-rounded and substantial movies with children in leading roles like Killa, Dhappa, Fandry, etc. In a similar vein comes another film Khari Biscuit, which is about a brother-sister duo Khari and Biscuit who may come from limited means but have unlimited love for each other.

What’s Khari Biscuit About:

This is a sweet tale of a brother-sister duo, set against the backdrop of the 2011 World Cup, Tendulkar’s last. The five-year-old Khari (Vedashree Khadilkar) has been blind since birth and her eight-year-old brother Biscuit (Adarsh Kadam) is how she is able to perceive the world. Biscuit treats Khari like a princess and tries to do everything in his power to make her believe that the world is beautiful, including lying. When the World Cup fever kicks off in Mumbai, Khari expresses her wish to watch it. Biscuit and his friends start working hard towards fulfilling his sweet sister’s wish. But life is not that easy for these young ones.

What Works:

The biggest appeal of the film is the chemistry between the two lead actors, who expertly play their parts and win your hearts. The debutantes Adarsh Kadam and Vedashree Khadilkar have given earnest performances, along with the other child actors. Kudos to director Sanjay Jadhav for getting the best out of a talented gang. Sanjay Narvekar is in his element and we will never get tired of watching him on screen. Both the lead characters have been given enough depth for them to draw us into their lives and you’ll find yourselves rooting for these loving siblings. Technically, Khari Biscuit has been shot well, complete with crisp editing and beautiful shots, which should not come as a surprise as Jadhav is an ace cinematographer. The film gives enough time for the story to develop and yet keeps the run-time to the optimum.

What Could’ve Been Better:

While it’s a movie with child actors as leads, a few things in the script seem childish and don’t quite add up for the adults in the audience. Biscuit lies to Khari about how they have a luxurious life – complete with a big house and celebrity friends. Many elements in the story seem forced and render the film slightly melodramatic.

Why You Should Watch:

Khari Biscuit is a warm and fuzzy film about two darling siblings, played by super talented child artists. If you are in a mood to watch something simple, feel-good and sweet, Khari Biscuit will leave you smiling.