Verdict: A fun film with a unique plot and marvelous performances.

From the director of brilliant films like Not Only Mrs. Raut, Anumati and more, comes Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande. Gajendra Ahire brings to us an urban working-class woman’s rebellious journey of self-discovery. The film has been produced under the Rajshri Marathi banner.

What’s Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande About:

Jaya (Sai Tamhankar) is a working-class woman who’s a divorcee and a single mother to a 10-year-old. Jaya changes the way she dresses, her attitude, and her way of life and goes on an exciting journey of self-discovery. Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande explores Jaya’s relationships with the men in her life, her mother, her ex-husband, as well as her son. The film takes us on a fun trip through Jaya’s expectations from her life and her partner, the struggles of being a mother, a daughter, and a wife, while also trying to be her own woman.

What Works:

Let’s just agree that Sai Tamhankar is coming into her own and is phenomenal in the roles that she has been picking up. Right from Hunterr to Girlfriend, Tamhankar has portrayed her characters sincerely and with class. Even in Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande, she brings to us Jaya’s rebellious character, her expectations from life and her partner, and her spunky personality, with conviction and panache. She also looks like a million bucks and we are woman crushing on her as we speak. The supporting cast includes Nikhil Ratnaparkhi, Rajesh Shringarpure, and Neena Kulkarni, and they’re all excellent. Their natural performances only add to the effectiveness of the film. Not many movies are made around the topic of feminine sexuality and Gajendra Ahire hits it out of the park with his treatment. He keeps the narrative breezy and relatable while also packing in a few chuckles. The film is crisp and is quite enjoyable. The music is melodious, especially the song Rangaari.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The script seems a little rushed and loose in places. Apart from Sai’s character, a couple of characters seem underexplored. The dialogues are mediocre in places.

Why You Should Watch:

Kulkarni Chaukatla Deshpande is an enjoyable film about a bold young woman who is just discovering herself sexually and otherwise. Watch this one for the plot and for Sai Tamhankar’s performance, which is commendable.