Verdict: A modern take on the cracks that being to appear in modern marriages.

We are midway through the year and we already have our fair share of cinematic masterpieces as well as some not-so-great movies. Well, not all movies are made with the intention of competing for the Oscars; some of them make us ponder upon our beliefs and ideologies, make us laugh hysterically and also manage to keep you captivated throughout its entirety. Mala Kahich Problem Nahi is a prime example of one such movie.

Directed by Sameer Vidwans, Mala Kahich Problem Nahi is as solid as it gets. It’s pretty ironic or rather clever of the director (or whoever came up with the title) that the root of all problems, the entire foundation upon which the movie lies, is summarized in that title alone.

The plot, though somewhat resembles the usual run-of-the-mill idea is elaborated upon in the third act of the movie. The two main protagonists, Ajay (Gashmeer Mahajani) and Ketaki (Spruha Joshi) are deeply in love and want to get married. But obviously, their parents don't get along well because if they did we wouldn't have a film. Coming from different family background and culture, the two families are entirely on different frequencies. But standing head strong on her decision to get married, Ketaki convinces Ajay to plunge into the sacred bond of matrimony against their parent’s blessings. But soon their marriage hits a rocky patch and start contemplating their decision.

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The two lead actors, Gashmeer and Spruha have done a marvelous job in fleshing out those two characters on screen. Ajay comes across as sweet, workaholic who toils day and night to afford a lavish lifestyle for his family yet failing to be a loving husband and father. Spruha, on the other hand, gives preference to her family over anything else. The movie heavily revolves around the two and their on-screen chemistry doesn’t disappoint. The rest of the cast comprising of Kamlesh Sawant, Seema Deshmukh, Satish Alekar, Nirmiti Sawant and co. have done justice to their roles. In fact, Nirmiti Sawant and Kamlesh Sawant act as comic relief.

As for direction, music, and cinematography, everything is top notch. The movie has catchy music that keeps you grooving alongside a scenic shot of Konkan. But having said all of that, we can’t help but say that something is amiss. Though the movie is inherently rock solid, it’s downright predictable. It never goes beyond the usual rom-com tropes which could have been a breath of fresh air considering the place is pretty cluttered with similar stories. Also, the glaring product placements do not help either.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
It’s not exactly a ‘rediscover oneself’ affair which can be enjoyed over the weekend. The movie on a whole is light-hearted with some serious dose of drama when things go south. If you are a sucker for movies such as this,  you should not miss this.