Verdict: A well-made psycho thriller that should not be missed.

Psychological thrillers is a less explored genre in Marathi cinema. The last one which caught everyone’s attention was probably 2014 released Anvatt. Hence, the hype around the latest Marathi psycho thriller Manjha is justified. Manjha starts off with an easygoing pace. Samidha (Ashvini Bhave) and her son Jaydeep (Rohit Phalke) shift to Lonavala to escape from her abusive husband. Samidha wants to begin a new life where her only focus is Jaydeep. She is emotionally supported by her friends Veena (Shivani Tanksale) and Saurabh (Mohan Kapur). With their help, Samidha manages to get admission for Jaydeep in one of the most reputed schools of Lonavala. Soon Jaydeep become friends with his classmate Vicky (Sumedh Mudgalkar). Things were going fine until Samidha finds that Jaydeep is forced to be a part of a heinous crime that his psychotic friend Vicky is planning. Will she chose to run away from the problem as she did to get rid of her abusive husband? Or will she stay back to fight her deepest fears and stand up for her son? To know, you will have to watch the film.

Manjha Film Review

The director Jatin Wagle who has also written the story and screenplay of the film is in his best form. He creates an ambience of a psycho thriller slowly but steadily. He chooses to keep it as simple as possible and that’s the beauty of the screenplay. Also, there’s not much noise that we often see in psycho thrillers instead it’s subtle and real. A good script need good actors to show its true potential and here we would appreciate the casting team of the film. Ashvini Bhave as a single parent is simply outstanding. Her emotions will touch the audience for sure. Sumedh Mudgalkar commands the attention throughout the film. It felt like the vulnerabilities that is required to play a psychotic has come naturally to him. And in most of the scenes his eyes conveys more than the dialogues. Rohit Phalke is convincing as an introvert. Shivani Tanksale and Mohan Kapur add more value to the film. Even Apoorva Arora who has minimal screen time and hardly any dialogues comes in such a crucial point that she leaves an impression.

The technical aspects are fine when compared to the overall scale of the film. Charu Shree Roy’s editing is one of the highlights as the runtime of 125 minutes is just perfect for the film. Anything more or less would have ruined the film. The climax is realistic and not leading to much chaos.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Seldom do we get psychological thrillers that are so well made and Manjha is one of its kind. Watch it for the intense performances that are sure to give you a thrilling experience.