Verdict: Deshpande ameliorates the romantic genre with this one.

We have all known Mrunmayee Deshpande as a popular and talented actress. However, she has aced in her directorial debut Mann Fakiraa. Starring Suvrat Joshi, Sayali Sanjeev and Anjali Patil, Mann Fakiraa makes for a refreshing romantic drama.

What’s Mann Fakiraa About:

Bhushan (Suvrat Joshi) and Riya (Sayali Sanjeev) are newlyweds, a marriage arranged by the families. In a typical suhaagraat set up, something pretty atypical happens – Bhushan moans Mahi’s name (played by Anjali Patil) instead of his wife’s. As soon as Riya reels in from this experience, she reveals that she too still has feelings for an old flame – Nachiket (Ankit Mohan). They both soon realize that they are both not over their exes. They hatch a plan to get back with their exes. What’s worth watching is whether the plan works, what’s the parental stance on the whole thing, and whether their marriage breaks.

What Works:

Romance is a genre where it’s easy to get lost in tropes and formulae. Mann Fakiraa’s story does not succumb to these as its unique subject matter is easily the star of the film. The premise piques plenty of interest and Mann Fakiraa wastes no time in setting it up. This is Mrunmayee Deshpande’s debut as a director and writer and she has made a stunning film. Not only has she aced the story but she’s also explored a range of emotions with maturity. The heart is not always aligned with the mind, which is a recipe for unrest. Mann Fakiraa’s story has twists and turns that depict this unrest beautifully. Mahi’s nuanced, carefree yet level-headed character is strong and Anjali Patil leaves an impression with her controlled performance. Sayali Sanjeev is excellent and Suvrat Joshi breathes life into Bhushan. The music of the film gels quite well with the script and the pace and is melodious as well. Despite the romantic drama, the film has moments of situational humor and funny dialogues and is thoroughly enjoyable.

What Could’ve Been Better:

Fewer songs could’ve helped the runtime as well as the flow of the story. While the film seems to lose steam in places, largely, it’s a refreshingly good entertainer.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Mann Fakiraa for its out-of-the-box plot and the superb performances that take the story to fruition. Mrunmayee Deshpande gives us a unique romance, which is not a sentence we thought we’d say in this era of formulaic romantic movies.