Shiv (Swapnil Joshi) is a successful businessman and suffers from a commitment phobia because of his parents’ divorce. The head of a resort chain, he works hard and parties harder, never believing in the institution of marriage. The only rock solid support he has in his life is Avni (Prarthana Behere), his childhood friend and business partner. She is also secretly in love with him but never confesses her feelings. They live in their perfect world free of any ties and commitments until one sunny day, their easy lives are interrupted by the stunningly beautiful Nandini Prabhu (Sonalee Kulkarni).

Shiv falls head-over-heels in love with Nandini and decides to make a lifelong commitment to her. When Shiv proposes, she refuses and he learns about her tragic past. Nandini’s life is caught in the jaws of her past and even though she loves Shiv, she cannot make a commitment to him. Meanwhile, Avni realizes that she has lost Shiv to Nandini and makes a graceful exit from their lives. 
The plot of the film is interesting, however, the execution fails terribly. The film is strewn together with a handful of cliches inspired by Bollywood. Shiv Sarang refers to himself in third person through the film and by the time it is over, you do not want to hear the name again. Swapnil Joshi looks too unfit to pull off a casanova and tries hard to convince. Sonali Kulkarni yet again plays the damsel in distress. The real hero of the film is Prarthana Behere. Her character is strong, stylish and in complete control of not only her life but also Shiv’s and Nandini’s. The film overall, is slow paced and confuses the viewer, the music score is hardly promising either.
Why should you watch the film?
Mitwaa is an earnest attempt and has quite an interesting script. It also features a lip-lock between the leads, one of the firsts in Marathi cinema. There is a surprise cameo too, and you’ll have to watch the film for it!

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