Verdict: Mogra Phulaalaa is a simple and moving love story.

From the National Award winning director Shrabani Deodhar and the maker of Lapandav, comes another gem – Mogra Phulaalaa. Chocolate boy of Marathi cinema Swwapnil Joshi sheds his urban glamorous image to play a simple bank employee with another iconic actor  –Neena Kulkarni. Also making her debut in Marathi cinema is TV actor Sai Deodhar.

What’s Mogra Phulaalaa About:

Mogra Phulaalaa is a sweet and tender love story of a mild-mannered bank employee, Sunil Kulkarni (Swwapnil Kulkarni). Sunil is almost 40 but is in no hurry to get married because he wants to wait for the perfect girl that his mother chooses for him. He is as dedicated to his Aai (Neena Kulkarni) as she to him and they both share a very strong bond with each other. They have been alone for a long time now and have always looked out for each other. However, one day all that is challenged when Shivani Gupte (Sai Deodhar) joins as the assistant manager of the bank he works for. At first they don’t get long but they eventually start sharing a loving equation. Shivani is strong, confident, and is a single mother. All this doesn’t fit into his mother’s list of what makes a perfect suun. Sunil must either let go of his love or go against his mom in order to get the love of his life.

What Works:

While the story is simple, it is different than the ghisa-pita love stories with similar elements borrowed from numerous other films. All the performances are ace. Neena Kulkarni is stunning as the mother and emotes beautifully in every scene. Her presence on the screen is captivating and awe-inspiring. Swwapnil Joshi has given up his loverboy persona and plays a simple software engineer who works at a bank with conviction. The second half is exceptionally beautiful and the melodious music will remain with you for a long time. Sai Deodhar has forayed into Marathi cinema with Mogra Phulaalaa and she lends her best to Shivani Gupte. The supporting star cast – Sandeep Pathak and Anand Ingle – is not only great at the funny bits but also give heartfelt performances. Director Shrabani Deodhar has done a stunning job by spinning a delicate love story that you may have never seen before.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The first half of the film is rather slow but the second half pretty much makes up for it. A few scenes seem a bit unreal but are charming nonetheless.

Why You Should Watch:

Sunil Kulkarni is a new-age Shravan Baal and his dedication to his family is humbling. Mogra Phulaalaa is made up of strong characters and the tender love story comes with elements of humor. With incredible songs and impressive performances, this movie makes for a superb watch.