Verdict: A silly, funny masala entertainer
By now you might be aware that Mr. And Mrs. Sadachari is a remake of a very successful Kannada movie, Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari. With films like Guru, and Sadachari, the masala quotient of Marathi movies is up and how! Marathi audience has seen a lot of remakes/adaptations/influences of South Indian movies, and the results have not always been pretty. Coming to Mr. & Mrs. Sadachari…
The Sadachari famlily is a middle-class Maharashtrian family, with a mother, father, and two sons. Jiva is the tame, docile one, who is a straight-A student, while Shiva (Vaibbhav Tatwawdi) is a hot-headed, street-smart altruistic boy, who idolizes Shivaji Maharaj. Shiva Sadachari, as you may have guessed, is not academically inclined. Shiva’s father (Mohan Joshi) has given up on him, and the father-son have a strained relationship. Shiva avoids his father, college, and responsibilities, among other things. Shiva falls in love with Gargi (Prarthana Behere), who happens to be his best friend Dattu’s sister. Dattu doesn’t agree with this at first, but being a side-character, he doesn’t have much of a choice but to give in. After a few saccharine-sweet romantic days, Gargi and Shiva have a huge fight, in which Gargi (sort of) walks out on Shiva. In fits of rage, they both agree to marry different people, who are brought into their lives by their respective parents. A few twists and turns later, the film ends.
The first half of the film goes on without revealing much of the plot. It would have been great to see the film heading somewhere. The gravity-defying stunts, protagonist with oh-so-much swagger, and smart, over-the-top dialogs add fun and masala to the film. But sadly, the script and the story are strictly okay. Seasoned actors like Mohan Joshi and Sumukhi Pendse are good in their brief roles. The lead actress and the others are okay, and the audience doesn’t feel connected with these characters. The protagonist Vaibbhav not only looks good, but also does a good job. The dialogs are funny and will keep you amused throughout. The story has some loopholes (like how does a middle-class boy with virtually no source of income afford to fly out of India to see his girlfriend?). However, in masala movies, does one really care for strong story-lines, as long as the movie does its sole job of keeping its audience pleasantly occupied?
Why Should You Watch This Movie
The film is a great choice for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Mr. And Mrs. Sadachari can entertain you to its fullest, if only you don’t look to make sense of it. Watch this movie to enjoy a few good laughs with your entire family.