Verdict: A stale sequel

The sequel to the hit 2010 film Mumbai Pune Mumbai, Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 delivers more or less the same message as its predecessor. However, there is more to this one too. Directed by Satish Rajwade, the film has its moments, and is full of wry humor about Mumbaikars and Punekars.

The film takes off directly after the events of the first film. Now, Gautam (played by Swapnil Joshi) and Gauri (Mukta Barve) are together. They’re all set to be engaged, except one day, an old flame of Gauri’s steps into their lives. Things go downhill thereafter, as Gauri begins to question her decision to marry Gautam.

The film is like any Marathi rom-com – it has a few song sequences, a lead actor who makes the ladies swoon and a simple everyday Jane who is doubting herself after running into her ex. What Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 does manage to do is poke subtle, intelligent jibes at Mumbaikars and Punekars. Writers Ashwini Shende and Satish Rajwade make full use of colloquial Maharashtrian humor and bring out the small, but significant idiosyncrasies of the people of both cities.

Swapnil Joshi does a fine job as Gautam, a true blue Punekar, who’s fallen in love with a Mumbai girl. Mukta Barve also plays her part well, but looks listless in a few scenes. The supporting cast also performs well, playing off each others’ characters. However, what ultimately bogs down the film is Gauri’s constant indecisiveness, which makes the second half almost a tedious watch.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Catch Mumbai Pune Mumbai 2 if you watched the first one. You won’t regret it. Swapnil Joshi performs well, and it has a few tongue-in-cheek comments about both Pune and Mumbai.