Verdict: A laugh riot from the very first frame that also manages to touch upon a sensitive topic.

Some films rely heavily on over the top acting, slapstick comedy or in some cases ostentatious scenes to induce an emotion. But sometimes, in filmmaking, all you need to do is assemble a cast of great actors and let them do their job. Muramba is one such film. Revolving around four central characters, Muramba wins where other intentional comic reliefs fail – the tone.

Amey Wagh plays an everyday guy named Alok who is reeling through a breakup after being in a steady relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Indu (Maithili Palkar). For his parents, played by veteran actors Sachin Khedkar and Chinmayee Sumeet, the concept of breakup remains elusive as they try and figure out what’s plaguing their beloved son. There is an obvious difference in the generation gap which leads to each having their own set of ideologies. This difference is where the element of humor fits right in.

A well written script does not usually guarantee you a well crafted movie. Debutant director Varun Narvekar has ensured that his film doesn't suffer the same fate. This movie is simply gorgeous from the very first frame. Kudos to the writers of the film for drafting such an elegant yet grounded script that everyone can relate with. More often than not you find yourself wondering if your reaction to a situation would be the same as the character. And this feat of prompting the audience to bond emotionally with your characters in no small achievement, let alone for a debutant. Varun Narvekar brilliantly captures an everyday Maharashtrian family.

Well crafting this movie was just a cog in wheel. The narrative of the film swings back and forth from flashback to the present time digging deeper each time to explain us the reason for the break up. It was crucial that this shifting of frame be as smooth as possible for the audience to follow and that’s where the editor played a major role. It won’t surprise us to know if they spent majority of their time in the editing room instead of the film set, as this movie needs a gripping narrative. It keeps you captivated and hooked throughout the movie.

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As for the cast, they not only look good on paper but also deliver. Amey Wagh as the typical Puneri guy who refuses to come out of his own sweet bubble is brilliant to say the least. His comic timing and brilliant sense of humor carry the film. To supplement him, you also have Sachin Khedekar as the father who rather ‘cool’ about things – a welcome change from the usual stern, father figures of the film industry. Most of the humor arises when Alok tries to explain his situation to his parents. It’s real, funny and takes its course rather than being forced. Chinmayee Sumeet too gives solid performance as the no-so-educated homemaker who can wrap her head around the concept of ‘girlfriend’. Maithili Palkar as the love interest, though does not have a larger role as compared to the rest of the cast is still undeniably beautiful and her acting chops are on point.

To summarise it, Muramba as the title suggests is bit sweet, sour and spicy. All at the same time.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:
Watch it for he gags and laughs and some brilliant acting along the way. Moreover the tone of the movie fits the current atmosphere – somber and light. This movie could very well be on your ‘to do’ list this weekend.