Natsamrat: Film Review – Performances That Will Light Up The Screen

Verdict: A classic narrated with a Manjrekar/Patekar touch – don’t miss

The name Natsamrat evokes a very nostalgic and emotional reaction in the Marathi audience. A legendary play written by Kusumagraj, and portrayed by stalwarts over the years, has been now adapted into a film. The film was one the most anticipated releases, and marks a big day for the Marathi film industry (not unlike the release of Katyaar…). Natsamrat premiered on a very star-studded note and enthralled the audience with its craft.

Ganpatrao Belvalkar (Nana Patekar) is retiring from the stage as an actor, after leaving a legacy of work behind him. He now wants to spend time with his wife, family, and close friend Ramya (Vikram Gokhale). Ganpat is an eccentric man, and has his own distinct way of living his life. After retiring, Ganpat selflessly bequeaths his house and money to his children, Makarand and Vidya (Mrunmayee Deshpande). His wife Kaveri (Medha Manjrekar), doesn’t quite agree with him and thinks of this to be an impractical decision. She supports her husband nevertheless. Soon, his whims start to create a rift between him and his children. Both Kaveri and Ganpat are self-righteous. Their dignity and self-respect is of utmost importance to them. To avoid further altercations, they leave their children behind, and end up living on the road.

Natsamrat has some complex and yet earnest relationships. The film shows a beautiful bond of friendship between Ganpat and Ramya, two contemporaries and competitors. It also portrays the dedication of Ganpat towards his wife, whom he lovingly calls Sarkar. It shows that just how forgiving and practical Kaveri is towards Ganpat’s nomadic lifestyle.

Natsamrat is a heartwarming story, with stellar performances. Nana Patekar emotes beautifully on screen. He does justice to his multi-faceted character. He conveys complicated emotions that run very deep, with an ease that will draw you in. Vikram Gokhale shines in his small albeit meaty role. Watch out for the scene where Gokhale’s character is admitted in the hospital. His performance might just give you the goosebumps. The supporting cast does their job well. The dialogs are intricate and inspired by the film’s theatre counterpart. The rich language is an integral part of the film. The famous monologue “Koni ghar deta ka ghar?” will leave you speechless.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch Natsamrat for the sheer joy of watching super performances delivered by the finest actors of their time, Patekar and Gokhale. And while you are at it, don’t leave the cinema before the credits roll. Don’t miss the phenomenal monologue towards the very end.