Verdict: A funny, entertaining movie about a serious, social problem
Addressing the issue of female infanticide may seem like a dead serious affair. However, Poshter Girl handles it with ease, without being preachy about it. A good part of Maharashtra is its villages, and these issues do exist in the rural areas. This movie showcases this issue for the entire society to see and learn.
So Tekawde is a charming little village in some corner of Maharashtra, where everything is fine and dandy. The people live harmoniously and the soil of the village is very fertile. What else does one need, right? Wrong. There is one small problem – there are practically no marriage-able girls in the village. This is because the village actively practices female infanticide, and ousts the women who give birth to a girl child. Grave, right? No one from the nearby villages is willing to send their daughters to Tekawde. As a result, if a man *really* wants to get married, he has to move to his bride’s home, as a ghar jawai (house-husband, if you will). So all the eligible bachelors, including the sarpanch’s son, find themselves bride-less, and with the restlessness that naturally comes with being unmarried. Enter the gorgeous Rupali Thorat (Sonalee Kulkarni). Rupali is, needless to say, unmarried and every man in the village is head-over-heels in love with the new, pretty girl. Actually, Rupali is not quite interested in marriage just as yet. She is visiting her uncle Kisanrao Thorat (Hrishikesh Joshi). She is interested in studying applied agricultural science. But this doesn’t stop the boys. In order to woo her, all the bachelors start sending gifts to her uncle, and she realizes the power she has over them. She makes up her mind to teach the entire village an important lesson. With this agenda, she decides to hold a swayamvar for the five chosen eligible bachelors, because tea and kandepohe is no fun, no? So the five chosen bachelors are Bharatrao Zende (Jitendra Joshi), Bajrang Dudhbhate (Aniket Vishwasrao), Arjun Kalal (Siddharth Menon), Suresh Yadgaokar Patil (Sandeep Pathak), and Ramesh Yadgaokar Patil (Akshay Tanksale).
Each character has been defined really well, where each one has their own quirks and whims. She sets unique challenges for them and they must complete everything in order to win over the Poshter Girl. The story and the plot are solid, and focuses on the audience having fun. However, it also addresses an issue as grave as female infanticide. The movie doesn’t get preachy or sketchy at any point. It doesn’t lose its pace. Everyone gets enough screen time to prove their mettle, and boy do they prove it! It’s been a while since we have seen Jitu Joshi play a good, comic role. He has a great comic timing and is very entertaining. The Ramesh-Suresh are straight outta a chocolate advertisement, but with their own twist, of course. Siddharth Menon is seen in a different role after Rajwade and Sons, and is pleasant. Special shout out to Vaibhav Mangle and Anand Ingale. They kill it in their small, but fun roles. There is so much to look forward to, but the surprise package is Hemant Dhome as Suraj. Do watch out for him.
The music of the movie is as upbeat as the movie itself. Awaaz Vadhav DJ is gaining a lot of popularity, and for a reason too. The dialogs are crisp and there is no dull moment. The first half looks a little dragged, and the movie could’ve been a little shorter. But it more than makes up for that, because the movie is just right in the feels.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
There is not one reason why you shouldn’t watch this one. The comedy, the performances, and the story are on fleek. Poshter Girl is more than just a fun movie though. It has substance and will move you at unexpected moments. With no one dull moment in sight, Poshter Girl makes for a super watch this weekend.