Prawaas: Film Review – Fall in Love With Life This Valentine’s Day

Verdict: A journey full of life with the legendary actor Ashok Saraf.

It would seem that the Marathi film industry is releasing movies every week and it’s delightful to see that almost all the movies are not only substantial and message-oriented but also are thoroughly entertaining. Prawaas, which was supposed to release last week, finally hits the theatres and it’ll be amazing to watch Ashok Saraf on the big screen again.

What’s Prawaas About:

A sexagenarian Abhijat Inamdar (Ashok Saraf) and his wife Lata (Padmini Kolhapure) live in the city while their son Dilip (Shashank Udapurkar) works in the USA. Abhijat is fighting his failing kidneys and tired from the regular dialysis and the exhaustion that comes from it. However, Abhijat is not the sort to give up living despite failing health. How Abhijat takes life by its horns and commits to living it fully is a prawaas makes for a decent watch on the big screen.

What Works:

The concept of a person failing to find purpose in life is something that is not dependent on age. This essentially makes the film relatable to anyone who is going through a similar crisis. However, Abhijat’s journey to fulfilling his aspirations and dreams regardless of his age is as inspiring as it is entertaining. Ashok Saraf has conquered the hearts of the audience with his craft and this movie is no different. Saraf displays his stunning range that exudes maturity and is just as delightful. Padmini Kolhapure’s Lata is as nuanced as she is graceful and makes a great pillar for Saraf’s Abhijat to stand tall on.

What Could’ve Been Better:

The film may seem over-the-top preachy and melodramatic in places. Prawaas spends a lot of time on issues that could’ve been solved pretty easily and thus renders the film slightly unconvincing. While the songs are quite melodious, their placement seems a little jarring to the narrative. We would’ve loved to see more of Vikram Gokhale.

Why You Should Watch:

Watch Prawaas for its inspiring story and message. Ashok Saraf fans simply cannot miss this delight.

Pooja Pande: