Verdict: Tradition clashes with modernity in this well-defined story, which is ably supported by its cast.

Rajwade and Sons is set in the ever-growing city of Pune, with its many sub-plots aptly convening its theme to the metros in the country. An opulent family, the Rajwades have their own large-scale jewelry and real estate business, with the head of the family, Rajesh Rajwade, a septuagenarian. The grandfather lives alongside his three children and four grandchildren in their recently acquired duplex, after giving up their mansion.

The film begins with the eldest grandson Virajas burning a few books belonging to the family’s youngest son Vikram, who ran away at the age of 16 after a tiff with the grandfather. The grandchildren, educated in modern ways, have different aspirations and do not wish to join the family business. While one aspires to become a model, one is an already established computer hacker, though without the knowledge of his father, Vidyahar (Sachin Khedekar), Rajesh Rajwade’s eldest son. Amidst all this, Vikram suddenly appears, which only further aggravates Rajesh’s anger.

The film does not extend the gap between parents and teenagers, but instead bridges it with the most popular form of communication- social networking sites. The scene in which the whole family is playing a game and the grandmother picks up her phone, is one of the many leitmotifs used in the film. The family faces its own dilemma when it has to choose to break away from traditions or embrace them. Tradition is nudged out when modernity in the form of Vikram walks in, unsettling the elders of the family.

The cast includes Atul Kulkarni, Mrinal Kulkarni and veteran Satish Alekar among a host of others.  And director Sachin Kundalkar succeeds at giving each of them ample screen time. Having defined roles for each of them, and bringing together the sub-plots well are two things for which we must congratulate him. The cinematography captures the essence of city life, with outstanding extreme close-ups. Though the film gets a little stretched towards the end, capturing the unpredictability of human emotions among the angst of many is the triumph of the film.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Rajwade and Sons is not only about family, but the various human emotions which compel people to take certain decisions in their life. This film is a must-watch for you and your family.

– By Shlomoh Samuel