Verdict: Jiska koi nahi hota, uska cinema hota hai.

Abhinay Berde, the son of legendary Marathi actor Laxmikant Berde is finally finding his feet in his second film Rampaat. While we won’t compare him with his late father’s iconic comic timing, Abhinay seems to have found his own niche.

What’s Rampaat About:

In a far away place near Solapur, a hopeless and very pregnant Kalubai (Priya Berde) looks up at the noose on a tree where her husband had hung himself not so long ago. She discovers cinema through her friends and finds new hope to live life. She forgets her worries and her struggles as she watches Mithun Chakravarty movies. So it’s no surprise that she names her son Mithun (Abhinay Berde), who loves cinema too. Kalubai wants Mithun to be an actor. Meanwhile, in Kolhapur, Vijaya aka Munni (Kashmira Pardeshi) dreams of leaving her pehelwaan father’s house (played by Abhijeet Chavan) to become an actor and she does. Both of them meet in Mumbai at an audition and become friends. They go through a lot of experiences together like being cheated out of their money for fake auditions, holding odd jobs to make ends meet, handling rejection, casting couch, and playing small side roles in TV productions. Mithun lies to Kalubai that he has made it big but she finds out the truth when she spots him playing a corpse on TV. Munni’s father sees her on television too but as a goddess whose only line is “Tathastu”. Both the parents decide to pay their children a visit and ask for an explanation.

What Works:

Rampaat’s humor is on point and crisp! The film is self-aware and doesn’t take itself seriously at any point, except maybe towards the end. Rampaat makes references to other actors, films, and TV series in the most endearingly funny setting. Rampaat has all the clichés like ringing of temple bells on a stormy night, a melodramatic mother, a sequence where the hero grows up while he is traveling, etc., done right. If Rampaat were a human being, they’d be that fanboy/fangirl who has a Bollywood dialogue for every occasion. Abhinay Berde looks cute and does humor well on the low key. We only saw his romantic side in his first film but here he gets to go crazy with the humor and he hits the ground running. Priya Berde embodies the spirit of Rakhee-meets-Nirupa-Roy mother. Kashmira Pardeshi looks the part of a wide-eyed girl with big dreams as well as of the girl who begins to understand the way of the big city.

Ravi Jadhav’s Rampaat is a fun and hilarious film which has all the elements of a good over-the-top comedy. The music is fun and upbeat and will make your feet move to the beat. Though in a humorous setting, Rampaat highlights the real struggles of an ambitious actor effectively.

What Could’ve Been Better:

A little more character development would’ve definitely helped us connect with them better. The film has a couple of emotional scenes that don’t exactly blend seamlessly with the film’s otherwise light-hearted treatment.

Why You Should Watch:

Everyone enjoys a good, clean comedy, that’s why. The story is fun, uncomplicated and thus so enjoyable. The dialogues have been written well and you’ll see a lot of your favorite actors making pleasant cameos. Watch Rampaat with your family for a complete entertainment package.