The Indian independence gave way to an uprising in the form of ‘Razzakars’ who were a militant organization supporting the rule of Nizam Osman Ali Khan. The main objective of this group was to resist the integration of Hyderabad into India. Razzakar is based on that chapter in history which many may have never come across. Hari (Siddarth Jadhav), is the village clown. Naïve, childish and full of life he lives with his ailing mother. His village is tucked away, far from civilization and independence has not made any difference to day-to-day life. However, this sleepy village is invaded by the Razzakars who unleash the horror of brutal executions and atrocities on the villagers. The people are filled with dread and fear for their lives. The militants shoot anyone seen supporting India as a dominion power and thus, the dormant village awakens to the want of a revolution.

Hari, with the help of Sadashiv Rao, aspires to embark on the path of Satyagraha to fight the oppressors. In a turn of events, when he witnesses the brutal killing of the villagemen, he is charged with the idea of becoming a Razzakar himself. While he is torn between the dilemma of fighting the militants or becoming one himself, he is faced with a situation that both enlightens and angers him. He turns into a madman, a force which threatens the Razzakars into leaving the village. What makes a common man a revolutionary is something you should watch for yourself.

Siddharth Jadhav has once again proven his versatility and potential as an actor. His character Hari has many shades and it takes a while to understand him. Jyoti Subhash who plays Hari’s mother has done an incredible job herself. She plays the role of a woman who does not think twice about having to sacrifice her son for the motherland. Zakhir Hussain plays Bilawar Khan, the head of the Razzakars and seems convincing. He does go a tad bit overboard but all in all, he renders a good performance. The film is visually appealing, however you feel that it does not completely live up to the seriousness of the Hyderabadi liberation movement which had spread like a raging fire across Marathwada, and other states. It leaves an incomplete effect as if the makers did not dig deeper into tragedy of this movement.

Why you should watch the film?

The Hyderabadi Liberation movement is one of those untold horror stories which had struck humanity in the aftermath of the Indian independence. Go if you’re interested in a forgotten chapter from History class!

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