Verdict: A feel-good family drama set in the 70’s.
You know that feeling when we unpack a new phone or learn that new thing you can do with Google. The feeling of pure joy and excitement as you unwrap a new piece of technology. We’re hooked, addicted, and obsessed and that is what is addressed in the Shashank Shende starrer Redu. Redu released at three film festivals in 2017 and it was a big achievement for director Sagar Vanjari who is making his debut with this movie. After getting a lot of appreciation worldwide, the movie is finally releasing in theatres.

What’s Redu About:

Tatu (Shashank Shende) and his wife Chhaya (Chhaya Kadam) live with their daughter Saru (Mrunmayee Supal) in a small village called Hadi. During the day they dig a well for their local landowner and in the evening they pick up odd jobs. They don’t live the perfect life but they get by. One day, Chhaya’s sister Suman (Gauri Konge) and her husband Baban (Vinamra Bahbal) from Mumbai come to visit. Tatu is not happy with his guests until he sees that they have brought a radio (redu) for entertainment. Everyone notices Tatu’s interest in the radio and Suman’s husband decides to gift it to him while leaving. Tatu and his family are at the happiest until the radio gets stolen.

What works:

Although the movie is set in 1971, we connect with Tatu’s interest in the radio and the pain he feels when it gets stolen. The movie does a great job at making us realize how lightly we take all the technology available to us. But it is not just about those lessons. In the end, it is a feel-good movie about a love story between a man and his radio. Shashank Shende, who we have seen in movies like the City of Gold, delivers a very moving performance as Tatu. Even Chhaya Kadam, the supportive and loving wife, delivers a powerful performance. Sagar Vanjari has impressed us with how he has portrayed the different emotions in this movie and we would love to see more of him.

What could’ve been better:

While the movie will definitely make you feel better, the ending may not agree with everyone.

Why you should watch this movie:

Let the language not be a barrier to watch this amazing movie because English subtitles will help you with that. A compelling story, a powerful performance by actors and an ending that makes you leave the theatre with a bittersweet smile on your face. There is nothing more you could want for a relaxing afternoon this weekend.