Directed by Abhijit Panse, Rege is a crime drama that showcases a young man’s journey into the underbelly of corruption. Aniruddha Rege (Aroh Walankar) is a final year M.B.B.S student who finds the concept of being an underworld don alluring. His parents are established doctors who are easy-going and don’t have him by a noose. Aniruddha has the permission to drink and party as he likes, and he makes full use of this freedom. But before he knows it, Rege has made some powerful friends in the form of M Bhai and gets involved in a whirlwind of events, leading to his arrest.
Inspector Pradeep Sharma (Mahesh Manjrekar) is a ruthless crime branch cop, who has a penchant for killing off small-time criminals and terrorists in encounters. He is feared by many in the system and has his own team of police inspectors who assist him with the encounters. The film jumps between timelines as we see Inspector Sharma on trial for four murders.
Rege, as a movie, has some fine moments furthered by a gritty, engaging plot, but fails in execution, as the shifts between the timelines are pretty rough around the edges. Many of the characters in the film are poorly developed and don’t have much to offer. Mahesh Manjrekar plays Inspector Sharma with a straight face, providing no depth to an otherwise convoluted character. One of the most honest portrayals in the film is that of Pushkar Shrotri, who plays Inspector Vaze, Sharma’s right-hand man. On the other hand, Aroh Walankar’s depiction of the titular character is spot-on, and he allows the viewers to empathize with his foolishness and plight.
The movie unravels at a crisp pace and benefits heavily from real set pieces. Avdhoot Gupte’s music also lends itself heavily to the film. From the hardcore police brutality to the murky confines of the underworld, all the scenes are realistic, with enough abusive words thrown in for good measure. The ending of the film is superb, and you exit the theatre wondering what would have happened if Rege has just stuck to his business.
Why you should watch the film?
The superb storyline and unsettling climax make this movie a worth watch. There are some diligent performances by the actors and writer-director Abhijit Panse has done a great job at giving us something that is both dark and thought-provoking.

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