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Ringan: Film Review – A Heart-Warming Quest

Verdict: The honest simplicity of this film is what makes it extraordinary.

A film that only popped up during film festivals, Ringan came into the public eye after it won the National Award for Best Feature Film in Marathi last year. It deals with the pressing issue of farmer suicides in Maharashtra focusing on the journey of a father-son duo. Not the first film to portray the plight of debt and drought-stricken farmers, what makes Ringan so special is debutant director Makarand Mane’s simple approach. It’s not a film you watch and forget about but the kind of film where you are so immersed with the characters you are taken along on their journey.

Harbouring suicidal thoughts, Arjun (Shashank Shende) is a farmer who is struggling to make ends meet and save his land. Post his wife’s death, all he has left is his son Abhimanyu (Sahil Joshi) and his land, for which he must repay his loan to the local moneylender. After no help from his relatives, Arjun heads to Pandharpur to seek Lord Vitthal’s blessings as a last resort to change his current fate. A delighted Abhimanyu hopes to find his mother there who he innocently believes lives at God’s abode. The father-son bond is put to test as they embark on this journey filled with faith, hope and hard times. The film is an emotional roller-coaster and will leave you smiling at its innocence and probably crying at its realism.

There is nothing extraordinary about the story but the stunning performances coupled with the poignant visuals are what make Ringan an absolute winner. We got to hand it to the director and writer Makarand Mane. He manages to pin down the honest emotions we’ve all experienced at some point. They maybe the residents of a tiny village but the issues they experience run deeper than the by lanes of Maharashtra that have been portrayed, be it the nuances of the father-son relationship or some integral questions about faith and the existence of God.

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Shashank Shende and Sahil Joshi have done a fabulous job and make the duo’s struggle and helplessness seem so convincing. Even the supporting actors Abhay Mahajan, a sculpture who looks out for Abhimanyu and Kalyanee Mulay, who plays a prostitute, stand-out in their small yet significant roles. The script is not over-the-top and not once would you want to change any aspect of the film.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Ringan is not an entertaining flick, but a film that stuns with its simplicity. If an honest film with some extremely fine performances is what you’re looking for, Ringan is one film you cannot miss! Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Marathi, the subtitles are on point and we assure you this film will give you the feels.