Few Marathi films have been able to base their story around their titles. The makers of Shutter have done a tremendous job in that aspect. Shutter takes the genre of suspense to a whole new level with its unique script. Director V.K. Prakash brings out flawless performances from the lead actors of the film. 

Shutter is the story of a middle-class family man, Jityabhau (Sachin Khedekar) whose life revolves around his wife and two daughters. His eldest daughter, Pari, is a college student, who has her own set of friends. However, Jityabhau detests the company she keeps. He plans to marry her off to his friend’s son at the age of 18, despite knowing that it’s too early. On the personal front, he enjoys drinking with a bunch of friends, has an accomplice in auto rickshaw driver, Ekya (Amey Wagh) and is a womanizer. One night, Jityabhau and his friends decide to party in an empty shop, right in front of his house, owned by Jitya. In a series of events, Jitya and Ekya pick up a nameless prostitute (Sonalee Kulkarni) from a bus stop. They bring her to the isolated shop. What transpires between Jitya and the prostitute in the next 24 hours behind the closed shutter is slowly revealed. 

Shutter isn’t a slow-paced film. It picks up right from the start and keeps you at the edge of your seat till the end. While being confined to the walls of the empty shop, Jitya goes through many emotions. Soon, he realizes what one moment of weakness has done to his life. There are nail-biting moments throughout the film, and you can’t help but anxiously wait to find out what happens next. The equation between Jitya and the prostitute also begins to alter as time passes. The first half is brilliant and keeps you hooked. Post interval, it’s slightly dragged but you don’t mind, considering that it’s just a two-hour movie.

The climax is a little unexpected. You’re almost  sure it’s headed one way, but it’s not. That’s where Shutter scores all its points, apart from impeccable performances by Khedekar and Sonalee.

Why should you watch the film?

Shutter is a brilliantly executed suspense thriller. Plus, it’s all of two hours. Watch it!