Verdict: A unique subject, seasoned actors, a solid script – it all just works.

While Girish Joshi’s directorial debut Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night deals with an occurrence of a cybercrime and tracing the criminal, it also deals with what the family who has been robbed of its money and dignity goes through. Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night was screened at the MAMI festival in 2017 and was well received by the critics and audiences alike, quite understandably so. It is an enjoyable thriller with well-grounded performances.

What’s Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night about:

Avinash Pathak (Sachin Khedekar), is a  recently retired working-class man who is living his normal life with wife Asavari (Iravati Harshe) and his college-going daughter Sanika (Prerna Pethe). They also have a son Sameer who is studying abroad. All is well until the Pathak couple returns from their 15-day Europe vacation and find that 50 lakh INR are missing from Avinash’s bank account. A despondent Avinash approaches the Cyber Crime cell and meets Inspector Pawar (Mahesh Manjrekar) who assures them that he will do his best to help them. While the family is trying to wrap their heads around this, a panicked Sanika makes a revelation. When the parents were away, Sanika had invited a guy friend over – Gautam (Addinath M Kothare) – which led to casual sex between them. Now, this mysterious guy is uploading their private video that was taken in stealth. At the end of the video, he promises to upload raunchier clips in a week’s time if people pay him in Bitcoins. Now Pawar and team have a week to figure out who this person is and how to nab him and Pathak family helps them out.

What works:

Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night has a never-done-before storyline and Girish Joshi keeps the treatment as real as possible. Seasoned actors like Khedekar and Manjrekar give a tight performance. Khedekar portrays the role of a distraught father as well as a victim, perfectly. Manjrekar’s quips and his entire persona is calming, funny even, and instills faith in the audience with respect to the Cyber Crime Cell. Iravati Harshe and Prerna Pethe make for a great supporting cast. The villain is played by Addinath Kothare, the son of the yesteryear Marathi actor Mahesh Kothare and does a fab job.

The film is not only about tracking a smart criminal but also about how the family comes closer in the time of crisis. The script is nuanced and touches upon a lot of issues, especially the issues children and their parents face while communicating with each other today. The film has no songs and fast-paced, a great quality in a thriller. Apart from being an intelligent piece of cinema, it does not skimp on the entertainment quotient.

What could’ve been better:

Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night has all the elements in perfect proportions and any change will upset the apple cart. Just go for it!

Why you should watch:

Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night is a film for individuals and families alike. It talks about two very relevant and important issues – cybercrime and communication between the kids, especially teenagers, and their parents. Despite being an excellent thriller, the film is funny and thoroughly entertaining. Book tickets for yourself and your family to Tc Gn: Take Care Good Night for this weekend; you won’t regret it.