Ti Saddhya Kay Karte: Film Review – Not Another Clichéd Love Story

Verdict: A film that hits all the right nerves and will leave you reminiscing.

Like Bollywood, the Marathi Film industry is not short of romantic dramas, films that aim to strike a romantic chord with you but more than often fail to do so. Directed by Satish Rajwade, a man who is no stranger to the Marathi film industry, Ti Saddhya Kay Karte promises to take you back to your first love and we must say, it lives up to its promise. A modern-day mature romance filled with cheeky moments that will leave you giggling, Ti Saddhya Kay Karte takes you on a journey that is too close to everyone’s hearts.

The film opens with a group of adults who have come together for a reunion. As they look at childhood pictures of one another, Anurag Deshpande (played by Ankush Chaudhari, Abhinay Berde, and Hruditya Agnihotri at different stages of life) a successful architect now, is overwhelmed with emotions when he comes across a picture of Tanvi Deo (played by Tejashree Pradhan, Arya Ambekar, and Nirmohee Agnihotri), his childhood sweetheart. As he reminisces about her, the film takes us back a few years when Anurag and Tanvi were kids living in the same colony. Anurag's realization of his fondness for Tanvi, his various efforts to woo her and the complexities he faces as a teen are all too relatable and makes for a fun-filled first half. As they grow up together, the dynamics between the two slowly begin to change as they are exposed to different life experiences and situations.

 Ti Saddhya Kay Karte

The film goes back and forth in an effortless manner giving us glimpses of the three stages of the relationship between the two. There are no flaws in the script, which makes this transition from past to present very simple to grasp. All the three actors playing different age groups of Anurag and Tanvi have done a spectacular job. While the only downside is the number of songs that give the film an extremely Bollywood vibe, the film comprises of very few dull moments. The realistic storyline with its focus on the simple aspects of a childhood love story is what works in favor of the film.

What happens when Anurag, who is currently married, learns that Tanvi is back in the city? Will they let their past equation ruin their happy married lives? While the ending may leave you surprised, it is exactly what makes this film a different one.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Ti Saddhya Kar Karte is not another clichéd romantic film. It is mature, realistic and strikes a chord. With a story that every age group will relate to, the movie is another gem by the thriving and now blossoming Marathi film industry.

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