Timepass 2: Film Review: An amazing romantic comedy

Timepass 2 makes you believe that true love exists. Filled with hilarious dialogues and epic comic timing, this is one movie you shouldn’t miss. A sequel to the hit movie Timepass, this one takes off where it left with our little Dagdu now all grown up. He has worked hard and has become a successful guy. He’s achieved everything he could dream of, except the one thing he wanted the most, his childhood love. The movie starts with a little animation telling us what has happened in Dagadu’s life  The first movie had set high standards and was loved by everyone; and the sequel will definitely do the same. The actor playing Dagadu might’ve changed but the character remains the same. The naughtiness, his bold talks, killer one-liners and bang-on comic timing still exist in the grown up boy. When something you love gets taken away from you, it hurts more than anything. That is the basic premise of this film.

Both Prajakta and Dagadu have grown up and have no clue about each other’s whereabouts. So now they set out on a fun-filled journey to find each other. There isn’t a single dull moment in the entire movie. The storyline keeps you interested throughout the movie. The director has to be given credit for shooting his songs in scenic locations but at the same time keeping it relevant to the movie. If the scene ends in Mumbai, the song is shot in Mumbai and not some snow-clad mountain in Switzerland. From Mumbai’s sea shore to the backwaters of Kerala, the songs are well shot and the music is soothing. 

Another notable achievement of the movie is its comedy. Hilarious punch lines and well executed action make this movie one of the funniest flicks you’ll ever watch. Every scene has a hint of comedy to it which makes this movie really entertaining. Achieving all these factors still making sense by sticking to the idea of true love is a notable feat achieved by Timepass 2. Will love prevail or will a father’s ego kill the hopes of two lovers? Find out for yourself. This is a movie you should really watch and it won’t disappoint you at any given minute. Also, for those who are really attached to the young Dagadu, there is a surprise for you. So, don’t miss this amazing flick.

Why should you watch this film ?

If you’re looking for a movie which makes you laugh, gets you emotional and makes you laugh again, this is the movie to watch. Timepass 2 is a hilarious roller-coaster ride filled with ups and downs. This is a movie you can enjoy with your entire family and witness the simplistic beauty of the narrative.

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