Based on the popular Tamil film Sillunu Oru KadhalTu Hi Re is a film about a married couple and how the past catches up with them. This Sai Tamhankar – Swapnil Joshi starrer is an enjoyable romcom for the weekend. With a few twists, laughs and the song sequences, it doesn’t disappoint.Tu Hi Re is surprisingly refreshing in the Marathi film milieu complete with earnest performances and a good narrative.

The movie opens with Nandini (Tamhankar) posing and dancing in the hills. A tad over-the-top sequence some might think. Thankfully, the rest of Tu Hi Re is nothing like the first ten minutes. Nandini, is a simple village girl, who dreams of falling in love and marrying the perfect man. Of course, there is that age old problem – she hasn’t met the perfect guy yet. Her parents find a match for her. Enter Siddharth (Joshi). A delightful scene is their wedding night, where Siddharth is sipping on a beer sullenly, and Nandini asks, "If you’re not drinking the warm milk, may I?" Moments like these make Tu Hi Re enjoyable.

The strength of the movie lies in the story. Right after their arranged marriage, the film jumps eight years. Siddharth and Nandini have a young daughter (played by a perpetually excited Mrunal Jadhav) and live in the city. Everything is perfect – the couple work hard, spend time with each other and love their daughter. However, everything crumbles to pieces, Siddharth’s past plays spoilsport.

Girish Oak plays a local "aamdaar", who has a proposition for Siddharth. He demands that he forget his wife and his child, and marry his daughter (played by an exceptional Tejaswini Pandit), who Siddharth had dated in college. Nandini discovers Siddharth’s old flame, and decides to do a little snooping of her own.

However, she ends up unearthing a story she cannot believe, and is thrown into a world of doubt and despair. Sai Tamhankar shines as the doubt-wracked wife, while Swapnil Joshi turns in yet another stellar performance. Tejaswini Pandit is sublime, and Girish Oak delivers once again. To cut a long story short, with a strong cast and a good narrative, Tu Hi Re impresses.

The length of the movie though could have been a lot shorter, which would have made it look crisper; if someone worked a little harder in the edit room. Some songs are completely unnecessary and do nothing but further the runtime of the film. With that said, Tu Hi Re does entertain.

Why Should You Watch This Movie:

Watch it for the convincing plot. Watch it for Sai Tamhankar and Tejaswini Pandit. Watch it if you like Swapnil Joshi. Watch it with your girlfriend or wife, or just watch it if you like a good romcom.