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Tujha Tu Majha Mi: Film Review – Your Friendly Neighborhood Rom-Com

Verdict: Two lives interwoven by fate and enriched by some beautiful acting

More often than not, we expect a film to fail miserably if it has a predictable plot. The lack of twists or the element of surprise plus the incessant yawning that follows, we are really not engaged in the movie experience if we already know the end. But there are few films though they are predictable yet manage to keep you hooked; not for twists but for some brilliant acting and character motivations. TTMM classifies as a prime example for such films.

The story isn’t going to blow your mind. It’s a tried-and-tested story but what stands out in Tujha Tu Majha Mi is the screenplay and some darn good acting from the lead pair. Two eccentric characters who dread the eternal bond of marriage play the ‘runaway’ card only to coincidentally meet each other on their journey. Jay (Lalit Prabhakar), a gallivanter who has visited 21 countries wants to break free from the shackles of parental pressure, decides to take a trip down south to Goa to take a break. He is joined by Rajashree (Neha Mahajan) who does the same for the same reasons cited above. Except that she isn't a travel enthusiast. They happen to meet on the bus en route to Goa where their fates intertwine.Tujha Tu Majha Mi Film Review - BookMyShow

The lead pair has done justice to their roles in Tujha Tu Majha Mi. Rajashree comes across as the ‘spicy yet sweet’ (that’s how her on-screen dad describes her). Mahajan’s acting chops help elevate every scene that she is in. She infuses a sense of realism in her scenes and is delightful to watch. She plays the usual bubbly character that you’ve come to love in movies. A striking contrast, Lalit plays a pretty somber, emotional person. A person who doesn't delve into the miseries life throws at him but instead live with a Jo hoga wo dekhha jaayega attitude by calling cheers to drown his sorrows. The lead pair complements each other and that works for the film. Along with lead pair, the supporting cast doesn't disappoint.

The movie is sprinkled with usual comic tropes that may not work with everyone. The film plays it safe when it comes to comedy, a textbook approach of sorts but for a film such as this, we expected more. A more daring attempt by adding a comic element to your central characters too rather than having a single set individual who is usually the butt of all the jokes. The jokes keep coming and most of them land. You’ll find yourself laughing more often than not.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Watch Tujha Tu Majha Mi for the lead pair who have done a marvellous job. If you are a sucker for romantic movies, you don’t need this review to book your tickets.