Verdict: An inspiring story that picks up well but nose-dives later.

To the neckbeard who’s big on computer programming, Ubuntu isn’t about operating systems or software. In fact, it has nothing to do with computers. The word Ubuntu finds its origin in the South African culture, which means essential human virtues such as compassion and humanity.  And that is exactly the message this film promises to deliver.

Directed by actor-director Pushkar Shrotri, the film delves into why educating young minds is such the need of the hour and how the backward mindset from the rural backdrops in India can prove to be a major hindrance to progress.Ubuntu - BookMyShow

The film revolves around a group of young, dynamic, and mischievous kids. To them, their quaint little village in its entirety is a huge laboratory for their day-to-day science experiments. From burning down hay to planting saplings on a figurine – they have done it all. Needless to say, the village folks don’t approve of their ‘reckless’ behavior and their notoriety is only gonna cost them their ‘shala’ (school). School is where their mastar (teacher), played by Sarang Sathaye, introduces them to the world of science, geography, and maths. Mastar Shelke, a devout teacher, is trying to do the right thing but is clearly failing at it. When he is away due to unavoidable circumstances, the village folks decide to shut down the school, while the kids decide to take matters into their own hands to keep their beloved school afloat.

The first half introduces you to a bunch of characters who, in their own way, make you laugh and smile. Most notably, Gauri (Bhagyashree Shankpal), Sanket (Kanha Bhave) and Abdul (Atharva Padhye) stand out from the bunch probably because the majority of the movie heavily relies on them. It is the trio that you really care for as the film progresses. As for the rest of the cast, they are fairly decent. The first half, though, is a slow burner but does well in setting up these characters and you are all set to witness an emotionally draining second half. However, this is where cracks begin to appear.

The second half drags on for a while and is filled with usual dramatic cliches that have been done and dusted numerous times already. It is these tropes that you find annoying especially after what you witnessed in the first half. In the process, the movie fails to deliver the emotional punch you yearn for in such movies. It seems like the movie could have been a lot better had they re-edited the second half.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

The movie has excellent background music. If you have a taste for good music, then this won’t disappoint you. Moreover, the movie scores in the acting department, as everyone single actor has done justice to their characters. Also, the movie has a beautiful message for all of us that shouldn’t be missed.